The University of Texas at Tyler
Office of the Registrar
Course Repeat / Grade Replacement Enrollment Form
Office Use Only Grade Replacement Eligibility Review:
Tracking: 1st: ____ 2nd: ____ 3rd: ____ All Replacements Exhausted: _____ Eligible Grade: _____
Enrollment Processed By: ____________ Date Processed: ___________
Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________________
(First) (Middle) (Last)
Signature: ____________________________________________ Phone #: ___________________
Student ID Number: ______________________________ Date: _______________________
Original Course Information:
Course Prefix & Number
(MATH 1314)
Semester / Year Taken
(Fall 2014)
Original Grade Received
Current Term Course Enrollment Information:
Year: _______ □ Fall □ Spring □ Summer
Prefix & Number
(MATH 1314)
(If applicable)
Course Title
(College Algebra)
Instructor Approval for Late Adds:
Dean Approval for Overload Enrollment:
Department Chair Approval for a Repeat
Using a Topics or Independent Study Course:
Repeat Type:
For Grade Replacement (prior attempt will be excluded from GPA; see reverse for details)
Not For Grade Replacement (both attempts will be included in GPA; see reverse for details)
The Grade Replacement policy is subject to the provisions of the Repeating Courses policy (see reverse).
Dean approval is required for repeats taken as part of an overload (signature line above).
Repeats involving Topics or Independent Study courses require Department Chair approval (signature line above).
Students may submit this form in-person to the One-Stop Service Center (STE 230), Longview University Center,
Palestine Campus, or Houston Engineering Center. Students unable to submit the form in person may scan and
email the completed document to
from their Patriot email.
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The University of Texas at Tyler
Office of the Registrar
Course Repeat / Grade Replacement Enrollment Form
Policies Related to Grade Replacement Contracts
Repeating Courses:
A student may repeat any course previously taken at UT Tyler that would not normally be repeatable for credit if the last
grade received in the course meets the criteria for their career level, which is “D” or “F” for undergraduate students and
“C”, “D” or “F” for graduate and doctoral students. Repeated courses may not be taken on a CR/NC or P/F basis. Students
repeating a single course more than two times may be billed at a higher tuition rate. All grades will appear on the student’s
official transcript. Once the degree has been awarded by UT Tyler, a student may repeat a course taken prior to graduation,
but the repeated course will not be used to recalculate the grade point average.
Students who repeat a course in which they previously earned credit hours based on a grade of “D” or higher, and earn
an additional grade of “D” or higher, without using the grade replacement option (See Grade Replacement policy) may
only apply earned credit hours from one course completion toward the 120 unique credit hours required for a
baccalaureate degree (See General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements) or the hour requirements for a graduate/doctoral
Students cannot enroll in repeated courses through the myUTTyler Student Center; submission of a Course Repeat /
Grade Replacement Enrollment Form to the Enrollment Services Center is required for all course repeats. See the Grade
Replacement policy for additional details.
Grade Replacement
A student may request grade replacement only for three course repeats (See Repeating Courses policy) during his/her
undergraduate career, and two during their graduate career, at UT Tyler; doctoral students are ineligible for grade
replacement. Grade replacement means that only the last grade earned is used to compute the grade point average.
However, all grades will appear on the student’s official transcript. Students must complete a Course Repeat / Grade
Replacement Enrollment Form and note the repeated course as “For Grade Replacement” at the time of enrollment.
In cases where a student repeats an eligible course without requesting grade replacement, or has exhausted their available
number of “For Grade Replacement” repeats, the student must note the course as repeated “Not For Grade Replacement”
on a Course Repeat / Grade Replacement Enrollment Form at the time of enrollment. If a student selects “For Grade
Replacement” after exhausting their available grade replacements, the form will be processed as if “Not For Grade
Replacement” were selected. For all course repeats using the “Not For Grade Replacement” option, both the original and
last grade earned in the course will be used to calculate the overall grade point average.
If a student repeats a course for grade replacement within two academic years of the original attempt, their academic
standing for the term in which the original grade was awarded and each subsequent term will be reassessed to account
for the exclusion of the original grade from the grade point average. This reassessment will not be conducted for repeats
more than two years after the original grade was awarded.
If a student attempts to repeat a course but withdraws and receives an automatic “Q” or “W,” the attempt counts against
the grade replacement limit and the original grade remains. Students may, on or prior to the Census Date, request in
writing to change their “For Grade Replacement” / “Not For Grade Replacement” selection for a repeated course by
contacting the Enrollment Services Center.
A student may not exercise grade replacement for courses taken at UT Tyler and repeated at another college or university,
nor may grade replacement be used when a course taken elsewhere is repeated at UT Tyler. The grade replacement option
may not be exercised to remove a grade awarded in a case of academic dishonesty. Once a degree has been awarded by
UT Tyler, grade replacement may not be used to replace a grade taken before that degree was awarded.