County Court, Pinellas County, Florida
Traffic Department
Parking Ticket Number: ____________
Affidavit of Defense
I, ________________________________
(name of alleged offender), reside permanently at
(street/number, city, state, zip code)
and on ____________ (date of offense) at _______ (time of offense) ____ AM / ____ PM (check one)
I was charged with _____________________________________________ (description of violation)
at __________________________________ (location of offense).
At the time of the alleged violation, I owned ___________________________________
(year, make, model, and color of motor vehicle), issued in the State of _____________________ (Include
both County and State)
I am Denying the commission of the violation because: (Explain your defense in your
own words as brief as possible, but omitting no material facts that will help the official arrive at
a judgment in your case) Print or Type
Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me
This ______ day of ________________, 20____
_______________________________________ Signature of Alleged Offender
Deputy Clerk or Notary Public
Personally known _____ or Produced Identification _____
Type of Identification Produced _____________________
NOTE: This Affidavit will be presented to the presiding official together with the parking ticket issued and
any other substantiating information as soon as possible. You will be advised by mail of the official’s decision. The Judges of this
Court reserve the right to compel personal appearance.