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Corporate tuition fee sponsorship form V2
Responsibilities & liabilities of a sponsor
By completing this form Employers/Companies accept responsibility for, and guarantee the payment
of the students FULL TUITION FEES* within 30 days of invoice date, for the full duration of their
academic session.
Non-payment of the fees by the sponsor will result in the liability of the fees being returned back to
the student. In addition, this will affect any future applications for sponsorship from the
Please Note: If this form is not completed in FULL it will be rejected and destroyed & the student
will remain liable for the tuition fees.
The fully completed corporate tuition fee sponsorship form and (if applicable) the completed
corporate new account application form should be returned together and sent electronically to prior to enrolment. Students will not be able to enrol until this form is
received. Please note that the form can only be hand signed or signed using a PDF digital signature.
A separate form will need to be completed for each academic year of sponsorship.
Please visit the link below prior to completing this form for details regarding the University’s
sponsorship debtor policy
If a purchase order number is required by your company in order to facilitate payment and is not
provided below, the invoice will be cancelled immediately and the liability for the tuition fees will
return back to the student.
If you do not have a trade credit account with Solent University, you will need to complete the
attached Corporate New Account Application Form and return it along with the completed sponsor
form. Until both forms are received liability for tuition fees will remain with the student.
If you have any queries regarding completing the sponsorship form or the sponsorship process
please contact the Income Team on 02382 013970.
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Corporate tuition fee sponsorship form V2
Student Details
Students full name:
Students D.O.B:
Student number: Q
Full course title:
Start date of relating academic session:
Company Details
Company name:
Company registration number:
Invoice address:
Post code:
Purchase order number:
Accounts payable email:
Account payable telephone number:
Company website address:
The above named company agrees to pay the following (delete as appropriate):
*Full tuition fees including any professional fees and repeat units
*Partial tuition fees totalling (please specify amount) £
Telephone number:
Email address:
Signed: (Authorised signatory NOT the student)
Student account queried
Student account noted in Quercus
Override Code entered into Quercus?
Sponsor account no.:
Sponsor account have 30 day terms?
Sponsor account on stop
Invoice/Pro-forma amount: £
HESA entered
Solent University will use the information you have provided for administrative and promotional purposes, including
direct marketing. The information you have provided will be held, processed and destroyed by the University in
compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the University’s Data Protection.
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Corporate account application form V3
Please read the following guidelines carefully:
Please ensure that the application form is fully completed digitally (not hand written) as
incomplete or incorrect forms will be rejected.
Please ensure that the application is hand signed or signed using a PDF signature.
Please ensure that you have ticked the box relating to the payment terms you are applying for.
By ticking immediate payment terms you are agreeing to pay for goods or services before they
are provided.
Please ensure that a telephone land line number is provided as we cannot process
applications quoting only mobile telephone numbers.
VAT numbers must be provided (if VAT registered) by both overseas and UK based companies.
Please ensure that if your company is based in the UK that the registered office address
quoted on your application form matches that held by companies house, as incorrect
information provided on the application form will result in the application being delayed
or rejected.
If your company is not in the EU, please provide a copy of your company letter head with
your completed application.
If you have any queries regarding the completion of this application form, please contact
the Income Team on 02382 013970 or email
Credit granted will be available for trade with Solent University and Solent University Ltd.
Head office address: East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN.
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Corporate account application form V3
1.0 Company details
Company name :
Company registration number :
VAT Number :
Company website address :
2.0 Registered office details
Registered office address :
Registered office post code :
Registered office telephone number :
3.0 Trading office details (if different from above)
Trading office address :
Trading office post code :
Trading office telephone number :
Trading office contact name :
Trading office contact name email address :
4.0 Accounts Payable/Purchase ledger details
Accounts Payable/Purchase Ledger address :
Accounts Payable/Purchase Ledger post code :
Accounts Payable/Purchase Ledger telephone number :
Accounts Payable/Purchase Ledger contact name :
Accounts Payable/Purchase Ledger email address :
5.0 Signed for and on behalf of the company:
***I understand that the application for credit is conditional upon a successful credit check, I also agree that credit is at
the discretion of SU and conditional upon payments being made within the agreed terms***
30 days from invoice date : Immediate Payment :
Authoriser name :
Authoriser job title:
Authorised signature (digital or hand signed):
Date of signature :
Signatory telephone number :
Signatory email address :
**Income Team use only**
Credit rating: (0 100) :
Credit limit suggested :
Credit terms granted :
Verification method :
Account Code :
Requester advised of account no :
Approver name :
Approver Signature :
Date of approval :
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