Corporate Sponsorship Agreement
Name of Company: __________________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: _________________
Phone: _________________ Fax: _________________ Email: _______________________________________________
Sponsorship Amount: ______________
Sponsorship Start Date: _______________
*Start date for annual sponsorships will be the date the payment is received
Please print the following exactly as it should appear on all materials & social media
Company Name:
Web Address:
Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance
PO Box 2483
Frisco, CO 80443
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Signature of Sponsor Representative Title Date
Printed Name of Sponsor Representative
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Signature of SCoMBA Representative Title Date
Printed Name of SCoMBA Representative
Terms & Conditions
This sponsorship agreement (Agreement”) is entered by and between the Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance (“SCoMBA”) and
____________________________________________________________ (“Sponsor”) to set forth the terms and conditions upon which Sponsor
agrees to be a local sponsor of SCoMBA operations and/or benefit event/s.
1. General: SCoMBA conducts operations and events to promote the mission to build progressive mountain bike trails, maintain trails, and unify
Summit County, Colorado around mountain biking. SCoMBA is a non-profit organization exempt from federal tax pursuant to Internal Revenue
Code section 501(c)3, EIN #84-1396501
2. Term: This Agreement will begin on the Effective Date set forth above and end either 365 calendar days later (“Term”).
3. SCoMBA Licensed Marks: SCoMBA hereby grants Sponsor a limited, non-exclusive Sublicense to use the Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance
name and accompanying logo service marks (“SCoMBA Licensed marks”) solely to promote SCoMBA and SCoMBA related events during the Term
of this Agreement. Sponsor shall not sublicense or transfer the use of the SCoMBA Licensed Marks to any person or entity without the prior written
consent of SCoMBA. Sponsor will present to SCoMBA, for its prior approval, any item or material that uses or refers to the SCoMBA Licensed Marks.
All advertising and promotional materials may only be used in the state of Colorado and should refer to Sponsor’s relationship to SCoMBA in the
following form: “Sponsor of the Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance” or “SCoMBA”. Sponsor shall not use SCoMBA Licensed Marks in
advertisements or promotions that contain a reference to any entity which is not a local or national SCoMBA sponsor.
4. Sponsor Licensed Marks: Sponsor grants SCoMBA a limited, non-exclusive license to use Sponsor’s name, logo, service marks and trademarks
(“Sponsor Licensed marks”) solely for including Sponsor in listings and descriptions of SCoMBA sponsors during the Term of this Agreement.
SCoMBA shall not sublicense or transfer the use of the Sponsor Licensed Marks to any person or entity without prior written consent of Sponsor.
5. Sponsorship Benefits/Payment: Sponsor shall receive the following sponsorship benefits throughout the length of the term,
SCoMBA will recognize Sponsor on all physical and electronic newsletters
SCoMBA will provide Sponsor logo and web-link on SCoMBA website homepage and sponsorspage
SCoMBA will provide Sponsorshoutouts on social media channels, including Facebook & Instagram
SCoMBA will place Sponsor logo on wall of event canopy to be present at a minimum of 8 events
Sponsor shall pay its sponsorship fee as follows: Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance, PO Box 2483, Frisco, CO 80443.
6. Sponsor Perks: Sponsor will receive the following perks at the beginning of the term,
7. Event Cancellation/s: SCoMBA shall not be responsible for damages that result from delays or postponements of events due to circumstances
beyond their reasonable control. If an event does not take place, Sponsor’s sponsorship fee as set forth above shall be treated as a donation to
SCoMBA and shall not be refunded.
8. Relationship/Entire Agreement: The parties to this Agreement have no legal relationship other than as contracting parties to this Agreement. This
Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements.
9. Indemnity: Each party agrees to indemnify and hold the other harmless from and against any and all expenses, including reasonable attorneys’
fees, that the other party may incur by reason of any claim arising out of the indemnifying party’s negligence, intentional misconduct performance
or failure to perform pursuant to this Agreement, or any service or product sold or provided by the indemnifying party in connection with the
event/s. All individuals provided by or associated with sponsor who perform services at event/s shall perform such services at the direction of,
under the supervision and control of, and for the benefit of Sponsor. Such individuals shall not perform such services on behalf of SCoMBA and
shall not be agents or representatives of SCoMBA. Sponsor shall be responsible, as between Sponsor and SCoMBA, for any injuries or damages
caused by or to said individuals.
10. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado.