Corporate Internship Job Description Form
To have your corporate paid internship opportunity posted on the Alamo Colleges internship board, please fill in
the details required on this form. Please note that only positions that are paid “internships,providing training
related to the student’s field of study and accommodates the student’s academic calendar, will be posted.
Company Name and Address (indicate if internship is at another address)
Company Mission, Products/Services and Clientele
Summary of Position
The Internship
1. Indicate skill development/mentoring the intern will receive
2. List primary responsibilities (4 minimum)
3. Describe any special project that could be assigned
1. Academic
Field of Study (Major) Preferred
Number of college hours completed
GPA required
2. List hard skills necessary to perform the work
List soft skill necssary to be successful in the workplace
4. List hard skills and experience desired
1. Hours per week
2. Work days and hours
3. Pay rate per hour
Application Instructions
1. If an application is required, where is it accessed?
2. Indicate what documents must be included to apply (such as a cover letter, resume, writing sample,
portfolio, proof of enrollment, or unofficial transcript)
Email this document to along with a high-resolution copy of your company logo.