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Scholarship Application
All completed applications must be sent to the York Technical College Foundation for the CCE Scholarship Committee to
review. Please send complete applications to: York Technical College Foundation
452 S. Anderson Rd
Rock Hill, SC 29730
ATTN: CCE Scholarships
Scholarship for which you are applying (select one): Chester Healthcare Foundation Scholarship
Duke Energy Utility Line Worker Program Scholarship
Touchstone Energy Utili
Line Worker Program Scholarship
Veterans Scholarships Forever
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City, State, Zip:
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Date of Birth:
Marital Status: Single Married Divorced
High School Status (select one): Diploma Graduate
Still in High School
Did not graduate GED Recipient
Veteran Status: Veteran Veteran Spouse Active Military transitioning out of active duty within 6 months
Optional Information: Gender: Male Female
Can you present evidence that you are a Veteran, the spouse of a Veteran, and/or
active military personnel that will be transitioning out of active duty within 6 months?
Yes No
E Program in which you intendto enroll:
Amount owed to York Technical College: $
Will you receive funding from an employer, any branch of the Armed Services, or
other organizations for tuition, fees, or books/supplies?
Yes No
If yes, what percentage (or amount) of total tuition, fees, or books/supplies will be paid?
Scholarship amount requested: $
Employment: Please note any current or future employment you expect to maintain while attending York Technical College.
Awards and Recognition: Please note any special awards or recognitions you have received through academic,
extracurricular, or community sources.
Short Answer on a separate sheet of paper, please explain why you should be considered for this scholarship.
I certify that the information I have supplied is true and correct to the best of my knowledge I will abide by the conditions of the scholarship as
stipulated by the donor and the York Technical College Foundation I realize that if the required documentation is not supplied, I will not be
considered for this scholarship I give permission, in accordance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), to York Technical
College to provide biographical and academic information to the donor during the scholarship award year. I will provide a letter of gratitude to the
York Technical College Foundation within 10 days of notification of selection for the scholarship award (please submit thank you notes to
the attention of York Technical College Foundation, 452 S. Anderson Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730). If I do not enroll or complete the course/
program, the scholarship will be revoked and I am subject to charges by York Technical College.
York Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, veteran status, national origin, or disability in its educational
programs, activities, or employment policies.
I have read and understand the eligibility requirements and commitment association with acceptance of this award.
Applicant signature: Date:
York Technical College Foundation Corporate & Continuing Education Scholarship Application
Revised 02/18
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Corporate & Continuing Education
Scholarship Opportunities
The York Technical College Foundation is pleased to offer the following scholarship opportunities for individuals enrolled
in Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) programs at York Technical College (YTC):
Chester Healthcare Foundation Scholarship amount varies
The Chester Healthcare Foundation Scholarship, established by the Chester Healthcare Foundation, as part of the
Foundation's mission to provide support for programs, projects, and/or services of prevention and education which
enhances, improves, and/or promotes the health and wellness of the citizens of Chester County.
Chester Healthcare Foundation Scholarship applicants must:
Be a Chester County Resident and provide a Driver’s License or State ID card.
Complete all the requirements of clinical sites, if required.
Be at least 18 years of age.
Submit a recommendation form from a Human Services professional. The Human Services recommendation form
should be completed by any professional who contributes to the health, safety, and well-being of individuals,
families, and or the community. The person completing the form should not be a relative of the student applying
for the scholarship.
Attend any program required orientations.
Complete a Statement of Intent for course requirements necessary for successful completion of the class being
Duke Energy Utility Line Worker Diversity Scholarship - $5,000
The Duke Energy Utility Line Worker Diversity Scholarship will award funding to students who have been traditionally
underrepresented in the electrical distribution field. Funding for the scholarship is provided by the Duke Energy
Foundation. This scholarship is awarded for students enrolled in the York Technical College Utility Line Worker Program
(noncredit). Up to two scholarships per cohort will be awarded in the amount of $5,000 each. Scholarship awards may be
used for tuition, textbooks, or educational supplies.
Duke Energy Utility Line Worker Diversity Scholarship applicants must:
Be accepted to the Utility Line Worker Program (noncredit) at York Technical College;
Be a legal resident of the United States and reside in a county within Duke Energy’s service territory;
Be a member of an underrepresented population in utility line workers careers;
Agree to share his/her name and progress reports and participate in networking and mentoring opportunities with
Duke Energy representatives.
Submit two (2) letters of recommendation.
Preference will be given to candidate(s) with prior work experience, certifications, or course work in a technical field.
Corporate & Continuing Education
Scholarship Opportunities
Touchstone Energy Utility Line Worker Program Scholarship - $500
York Electric Cooperative established this scholarship in recognition of its commitment to community, one of its core
values. The scholarship is for a student enrolled in the Utility Line Worker Program at York Technical College.
Application must include:
A short answer (250 words minimum) explaining why you want to be a line worker.
Three (3) letters of reference (references cannot be from a family member.)
*Applicants do not have to be a member of York Electric Cooperative.
Veterans Scholarships Forever- amount varies
Veterans Scholarships Forever is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping US Military Veterans transition back to
civilian life quickly and successfully.
This fund is for Veterans, the current spouse of a Veteran, and/or active military personnel that will be transitioning out of
active duty within six (6) months. For the purpose of this scholarship, a Veteran is defined as anyone who has served in
the United States Military (active duty or reserves) for a minimum of 6 months, regardless of the type of discharge
To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must meet entry requirements for the desired Corporate or Continuing
Education program. Award will be based on demonstrated financial need. Scholarship funds may be used for program
tuition, fees, books, and/or supplies.
Directions for Submitting Your Scholarship Application
Please complete the entire scholarship application form as clearly and concisely as possible. Please be certain to submit
any required supplemental information as outlined above. Incomplete applications will result in students not being
considered for scholarship opportunities. The York Technical College Corporate and Continuing Education Scholarship
Committee will review applications and make awards to those individuals who best meet the criteria.
Scholarship awards are based on availability of funds and all scholarships are limited to direct program costs, unless
otherwise specified. Read the criteria and instructions carefully and make certain you attach all required documents prior
to submission. Failure to comply with the scholarship criteria will result in the loss of the scholarship award during the
award year and may result in the awardee having a balance with the College.
All York Technical College Foundation scholarship recipients must submit a letter of gratitude (minimum of 250 words) for
the scholarship within ten (10) business days of scholarship notification. Please address and submit your thank you note
to the attention of the York Technical College Foundation, 452 S. Anderson Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730.
This application is valid only
for programs in Corporate and Continuing Education Division at York Technical College. To
apply for scholarships for the College’s credit programs, visit:
Corporate &Continuing Education
Applicant’s Name:
The above named individual is applying for a scholarship with the York Technical College Foundation. In the space below,
please share any details as to why this applicant should receive a scholarship award. Please note: this form should not
be completed by a relative of the applicant.
Recommendation (please to use additional pages, if necessary):
Recommended by (Signature):
Printed Name:
Relationship toApplicant:
Please return the completed form in a sealed envelope to the applicant for submission.
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