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Minneapolis Truth in Sale of Housing
Property Address: Zip Code:
Date of Sale (Purchase Agreement): Closing Date:
A valid Truth in Sale of Housing Disclosure Report in the seller’s name is required for this sale. The Minneapolis
Truth in Sale of Housing Ordinance requires the buyer of the property to correct certain items as identified in a
mandated housing evaluation, unless a Certificate of Approval (COA) has been issued to the seller of the property.
This Acknowledgement of Responsibility form (AR) is required when a COA has not been issued. To verify that a
valid Report and/or Certificate of Approval exist, go to
It is the joint responsibility of the buyer, buyer’s agent, and closer to see that this form is correctly and completely
filled out, and filed with the City within ONE business day of closing. Failure to comply is a misdemeanor.
Minneapolis Inspections Use Only
Date Received
1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BUYERS: Buyers may wish to have an escrow account set up at closing to help ensure that the
necessary funds are available to cover the cost of repairs. Discuss this with your closer, agent or other professional. NOTE: The City does
not assume any responsibility or liability if Buyers funds are not sufficient to cover costs.
2. Buyer agrees that the Buyer is responsible for correcting required Repair/Replace items as identified on the corresponding Truth-in-Sale-of
Housing Disclosure Report, which is incorporated in this agreement. Effective Feb. 2, 2009, all Buyers who intend to use the property for
rental must complete all required repairs on the Disclosure Report and submit the Buyer Certificate of Completion with the rental application.
3. If Seller agrees to make some of the repairs, Buyer agrees that this is a contractual agreement between Buyer and Seller and is not
enforceable by the Minneapolis Inspections Division. It is therefore the Buyers obligation to ensure that all required repairs are complete.
4. Buyer agrees to complete all repairs with 90 days of closing. Permit required repairs must be inspected by a City plumbing or mechanical
inspector, or State electrical inspector. NOTE: Call the City inspector on the permit to schedule an inspection. You will need the permit
number. Safety checks must be completed by a Minneapolis licensed plumbing or mechanical contractor, or State licensed electrical
contractor. An evaluator must return to verify that non-permit required repair items have been corrected and meet the Truth in Sale of
Housing guidelines.
5. In the event of Buyers failure to comply with the conditions of this agreement, the City may exercise its rights under Ordinance Section
248.20 and 225 to enforce provisions of the ordinance by mandamus, injunction, or criminal misdemeanor charges.
6. In order to resell the property, buyers must complete the repairs, have them inspected and approved, then get a new Truth in Housing Report.
I have read this Acknowledgement of Responsibility Agreement and will fully comply with the conditions set forth above.
Buyer(s) Signature: Date:
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This form is available online at AcknowlofResp.p65 rev 8/10
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