Contractor Cover Sheet
Revised 6-13-2019
All work financed with an energy loan must be installed by a participating contractor. You will need to
provide all applicable documentation to Energy Finance Solutions for review. If you are approved to
offer energy loans, you will receive an approval letter via email or mail, generally within three
business days. This letter will provide you with additional information about our process and inform
you of different ways to receive the necessary application forms required as part of the loan process.
Business Name:
Contact Person:
Email Address:
Completed and signed Contractor Application
Signed Contractor Participation Agreement
IRS W-9 Form
Current copy of your General Liability Insurance Certificate (Insurance coverage must meet
the minimum program requirements).
ACH Authorization Only required if you would like to have your payments deposited directly
into a bank account
EFS maintains an online portal for contractors to view, submit and receive comments, and provide
documentation for their customers loans. If you wish to access the portal, you must complete and
return the Contractor Portal Use Agreement.
Contractor Portal Use Agreement enclosed
Completed documents may be submitted to EFS by email, fax or mail. If you have any questions,
please call EFS at 800.969.9322.
Slipstream Group, Inc.
Energy Finance Solutions
431 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719