Contactless payment methods are a quick and convenient way to accept payments on-the-job or over the
phone. The CardPointe platform has an array of options for contactless and card-not-present transactions
that can keep businesses processing all while tracking and managing your business portfolio.
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The Card Shoppe with 25 @ 9:10pm
The Card Shoppe with 25 @ 9:10pm
Touchscreen included w/ 5000
Say Hello to Our Contactless Payment Product Suite
The Desk 3500 and Desk 5000 both support contactless payments out of the box, with no
customization needed
CardPointe Terminal Desk Series
Includes EMV acceptance, removing the need for employees to handle customers’ credit cards.
Merchants can also key-in cardholder info for over-the-phone ordering to avoid the transfer of cards
CardPointe Mobile VP3300 Device
The complimentary CardPointe Virtual Terminal allows merchants to manually enter customers’
payment details over the phone; it can also connect to a Bolt terminal to accept in-person contact-
less payments
CardPointe Virtual Terminal
The CardPointe HPP provides merchants’ websites with a pay/donate now button – merchants can
also elect to invoice their customers directly with a custom HPP link
CardPointe Hosted Payment Page
curity You Can Trust: Tokenization + Point-to-Point Encryption
CardPointe’s proprietary CardSecure solution uses the unbeatable combination of patented
tokenization and PCI-certified P2PE to protect sensitive cardholder data and remove the data from
a business’ systems, significantly reducing PCI scope
Industry Low Rates
Taking advantage of the CardPointe platform means Level ll and Level lll data is automatically included
with every transaction, so you’ll qualify for the lowest rate possible for every swipe, dip and key entry.
Contracting Compa
Love CardPointe,
a payments technology platfrom that makes accepting debit
and credit card transactions simple, secure and reliable.
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