Office of the Registrar August 22, 2013
Contract for Completion of Incomplete Coursework
The mark of I Incomplete is intended to allow a student to complete the required work for a course after the
semester has ended, if, in the judgment of the instructor, there is a legitimate reason why the work could not have
been completed during the term. Incompletes (I) may be given only when the student has not completed all of the
required work and when there is a reasonable probability that the student will complete the requirements
successfully without again attending regular class sessions. If additional class attendance is required, the
student must reregister for the course. The student must be passing at the time the Incomplete is given.
The work must be completed and a change of grade filed with the Office of the Registrar within one year of the
end of the term when the course was originally taken. Any unchanged Incomplete at the end of the one year will
be changed to a grade of F. University statute clearly stipulates that no extension to the one-year limit is
permitted and that once an Incomplete has been changed to an F, it cannot be changed again. The only recourse
for a student not completing coursework in the time allowed is to repeat the course. Instructors have the right
to establish a deadline that is earlier than one year.
Responsibility for completing all course work rests with the student. Responsibility for grading the completed
work and reporting the grade change to the Office of the Registrar in a timely fashion rests with the instructor.
Last Name
First name
Course #
Student and instructor agree that the following requirements must be completed before the Incomplete
will be changed to a grade:
Deadline for student to submit completed work:
Student Signature X
Instructor Signature X
Department Signature X
Instructor, student, and department office should retain a copy of this agreement until the final grade is
officially recorded.