AACS Continuing Education/Staff Development Activity
Preapproval Application
Directions: Submit one preapproval form per professional development activity. When the approval is returned, copy the preapproval
form on the back of the attendance voucher (one per participant). To renew certification, teachers will submit the completed two-
sided form and any other renewal paperwork. Activities must meet all continuing education requirements as described in FAQ 712.
Check one of the following.
Category A
Audit college course
College-offered continuing education program
Online professional development
AACS educational conventiondo not use this form; use form
provided in convention booklet.
Off-site professional development activity
On-site professional development activity with outside leader
Category B*
On-site professional development activity led by
qualified ministry faculty or staff member
On-site professional development activity provided by
video or audio instruction, supervised by school
administrative staff
*For certificate renewal, no more than 20 contact hours
may be from Category B.
Class or Seminar Title:
Instructor name:
Academic degree and/or other qualifications:
Educational topics or issues the activity will address (must be professional development):
Description of event: (e.g. college course, online, DVD, live instruction, etc. Will the event be part of a larger event? Will it be a
group/classroom event? If it is on-site, who will be supervising?)
Date(s) and times of activity:
Number of direct instructional hours (Do not include breaks, homework, etc.):
Certification areas of those who will attend/receive continuing education credit:
All-Level (Music, Art, PE)
Special Education
Specialist (Bible, CIT, Counseling)
School Name ______________________________________________ E-mail _____________________________________________
City _________________________________________ State ____________ Phone _________________________________________
Administrator’s Signature___________________________________________________ Date Request Filed ____________________
For Office Use Only
Continuing education credit granted
Continuing education credit denied Explanation of denial:
Number of contact hours allowed for activity: _______
Conditions or limitations:
Signature of AACS official Date of Reply_____________________
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