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Community Education classes do not award college credit.
Please Note: Community Education course payment is a 50% / 50% split. The college retains 50% of all fees collected and
the facilitator retains 50%.
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Continuing Education Department
Cerro Coso Community College
3000 College Heights Boulevard
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Phone: (760) 384-6123
Questions? Contact us at (760) 384-6123
Revised: July 2018 3
Policies & Procedures for
Community Education Instructors
Please rea
d before submitting the Class Proposal Form
Individuals who would like to develop and teach a community education class for Cerro Coso Community College must
complete and submit a Class Proposal Form to the Continuing Education Department.
Qualifications for Community Education Instructors (hereinafter referred to as “Professional Experts”) will be evaluated by
the Continuing Education Manager (CEM) on a case-by-case basis.
All candidates must satisfy at least one of the following requirements (a combination of the requirements below will be
A master’s degree, bachelor degree or associate degree in the subject area to be taught
Minimum of 2 years of work experience in the subject area to be taught
Minimum of 2 years of personal experience as a hobbyist in the subject area to be taught
A credential or certificate from a verifiable source showing evidence of subject proficiency in the subject to be taught
Candidates for Professional Expert must indicate in the “Instructor Bio” section (on Page 2 of the Class Proposal Form)
which of the above requirements have been met. Candidates also need submit their resume and list in the “Instructor Bio”
section all direct experiences that relate to the chosen subject.
Candidates that do n
ot meet any of the above requirements are encouraged to submit a separate sheet of paper detailing
how they possess the knowledge and skills to develop and teach their chosen subject.
Stage I: The Con
tract/Community Education Manager (CCEM) or Community Services Coordinator (CSC) will conduct a
preliminary telephone interview with every individual who submits a properly completed Class Proposal Form. The CCEM
or CSC will determine which candidates move to Stage 2 in the process.
Stage 2: If the community education class is to be offered on the Indian Wells Valley campus (Ridgecrest, California) the
CCEM or CSC will conduct an in-person interview. If the class is to be offered at a different CCCC campus, the director of
the applicable campus will conduct the in-person interview.
Stage 3: If
the candidate is approved for hire, he/she will be required to sign a Temporary Employment Agreement
(provided by the CCEM or CSC) and complete the Kern Community College District (KCCD) employment package (which
may include a TB Exam and DOJ Fingerprint Scan). The candidate may also have the option of working as an
Independent Contractor if he or she qualifies.
The CCEM or CS
C may alter the class title, learning objectives, dates, times, and registration fees based on the logistical,
financial, or marketing requirements of the Office of Contract & Community Education. The Professional Expert will be
consulted in advance about any alterations and have the opportunity to provide input and alternatives.
will provide the Professional Expert with:
A Syllabus Template
A PowerPoint Template (if the Professional Expert elects to use a PowerPoint presentation)
A CCCC classroom based on the preferences listed on the Class Proposal Form
Photocopies of instructional materials (if applicable)
Community education course fees vary. Each facilitator sets his/her own price per student. Payment for classes is
a 50%/50% split where Cerro Coso Community College retains 50% of all fees collected and the facilitator retains 50% of
all fees collected.