Draft Stanton Regeneration Site Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) –
Consultation Questionnaire
General Guidance
Before completing this questionnaire, please look at the Draft Stanton Regeneration
Site SPD and supporting documentation, all of which are available at the Borough
Council’s website (www.erewash.gov.uk) or in paper form at deposit points as
identified within the Consultation Guidance Note. Additional background papers are
available on the Council’s website only. In order to answer the questions posed
within this questionnaire, you will need to be in a position to refer to the SPD and its
There is the opportunity to expand upon your answer for each question, and there is
a general comments box provided at the end of the questionnaire should you have
any issues to discuss relating to the SPD that are not dealt with as part of the
structured questioning.
Please note, this consultation concerns only the Draft Stanton Regeneration Site
SPD. Comments that fall outside of this subject area will be disregarded.
The questionnaire can be completed on a computer. Once completed, you will need
to save the questionnaire as a file which can then be attached to your response
email to us. Alternatively, the questionnaire can be printed or picked up at a deposit
point as identified in the Consultation Guidance Note. Once the questionnaire has
been filled out in paper form, it can be returned to us by post.
Returning Your Questionnaire
Please return your questionnaire along with any other responses:
Via post to Planning Policy, Erewash Borough Council, Town Hall, Derby Road,
Long Eaton, Derbyshire, NG10 1HU
Via email, attaching your saved questionnaire, to
Please note, information extrapolated from your questionnaire may be made public
as part of the normal process leading to adoption.
All questionnaires and any other responses must be received by the Borough
Council no later than 5.00pm, Monday 24
October 2016
Participant Details
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1. Please look at the Plan 1: Land-use Masterplan section of the SPD (page 9
onwards). Do you agree with the distribution and mix of land uses indicated?
(Comments here)
2. Please look at the Plan 2: Development Phasing Program section of the SPD
(page 14 onwards). Do you agree with approach taken to development phasing and
(Comments here)
3. Please look at the S106 Contributions for Infrastructure section of the SPD (page
17 onwards). Do you agree with the recommendations?
(Comments here)
4. Please look at the Appendices, which aim to provide further clarity over the SPD’s
recommendations, as well as present more in-depth guidelines. Are there any areas
of the Appendices you disagree with, and if so – in what way?
(Comments here)
5. Do you think that the SPD presents a clear message and way forward for the
Stanton Regeneration Site? Please elaborate on your answer.
(Comments here)
General Comments
Please provide any general comments you would like to make that have not already been
addressed as part of the structured element of the questionnaire below. Any comments can
also be sent to the email and postal addresses as specified in the Consultation Guidance
(Comments here)
As part of our commitment to improving the service we offer, we would like to know how you
found responding to this consultation and whether you have any suggestions to improve the
way we do things. Your comments may include:
Whether the locations used for viewing the documents were convenient for you?
Whether there are any alternative locations we could use in the future?
Whether you found the Questionnaire and general guidance provided easy to
(Comments here)
Data Protection - The response(s) you submit on Draft Stanton Regeneration Site SPD
will be used in the plan making process and may be in use for the lifetime of the SPD in
accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The information will be analysed and the
Council will consider issues raised. Please note that response(s) cannot be treated as