San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
Consultant Qualification Application
I. Introduction
California enacted Prop 35 in 2000 and it requires a competitive selection process for hiring
Construction Consultants. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of the San Mateo County Community
College District has determined that construction consultants who wish to do business with the District,
and its three colleges, College of San Mateo, Skyline College and Cañada College, should complete the
Consultant Qualification Application. The completed and successful Application will allow consultants
the opportunity to prequalify with the District. In broad terms a
successful outcome
of this process
means that the District will consider Consultant’s qualifications when assessing the need for professional
expertise on future projects. The District will provide a complete listing of qualified Consultants on its
website at:
The District completed the first phase of its Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in Spring of 2007. The
second phase of the CIP is nearing completion with only a handful of projects remaining.Fortunately, in
November 2014, voters in San Mateo County voted (66.4% favorable) to pass Measure H, a $388M bond
measure that will allow the District to complete the modernization/construction/reconstruction projects
as envisioned in the 2015 Facilities Master Plan Amendment that was approved by the Board in January
2015. The District is currently working on the roll out of these projects and construction on some of
the projects should begin in early 2016.
II. General Conditions
A. Submittal Overview
Professional consultants must complete the attached Application in order for the District to consider
prequalification status. The District understands that all information submitted for evaluation is
official information acquired in confidence. Accordingly, the District will maintain confidentiality to the
extent permitted by law. All submitted Applications become the property of the District.
The District’s review includes an appraisal of the candidates' background, project experience and
project successes. If necessary, the District may request a personal interview.
Submission of an Application does not imply that the District will automatically provide
District projects to the consultant. The District will base selection for future projects on the
Consultants qualifications and the applicability of their skill set to the project requirements.
However, without completion of this process, selection of the consultant for District project will
not be a viable option for the District.
Submitters may withdraw their Application by written request at any time.
Submission of a signed Application will be interpreted to mean that the Submitter has
thereby agreed to all conditions, instructions, descriptions and specifications contained herein.
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
Further, by taking place in the prequalification process, the District understands that the
consultants have read and agree to the District’s Professional Services Agreement (PSA). Sample
PSA’s can be found at:
At its discretion, the District reserves the right to reject submittals or waive any irregularities or
formalities therein. The acceptance of a submitted application creates no obligation on the part
of the District.
If applicable, professional consultants who are submitting applications to the District must
indicate deviations in a separate specification sheet attached to the Application.
In the event of any conflicts or ambiguities between these instructions and State or Federal laws,
regulations or rules, then the latter shall pr
The consultant’s completed application shall be clear and concise. It shall demonstrate fully that
the c
onsultant has considerable experience and expertise, in addition to the knowledge of the
requirements to consult for the District.
B. Interpretation of Qualification Application
Any explanation requested by an Applicant regarding the meaning or interpretation of this
Request for
Statements of Qualification must be requested in writing to . Oral explanations or
instructions will not be binding. If the District determines that a consultant does not qualify because of
responses to this application form, the consultant retains the right to request a formal, written response
from the District explaining the decision. The District will work diligently to ensure that consultants
are able to meet prequalification requirements based on their professional history.
C. Submittal
nsultants shall submit Applications in the format specified, completed and signed. Please review
application for completeness. Incomplete or unsigned applications will be returned. ALL submittals
shall consist of one (1) digital copy sent via email to or delivered on a Compact Disc or
USB thumb drive to:
Facilities Planning Department
3401 CSM Drive
San Mateo, CA 94402
Consultants seeking clarification of
the Application process should submit their questions in writing to
of preparation of the submittal shall be borne by the submitter.
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
III. Instructions for Application Submittal
The purpose of this Application is to demonstrate your firm's ability to provide the required architectural,
engineering and professional construction consultant services in the public works market. For consistency
in response, please index and number all pages.
A completed Application will include the following:
1. Cover Letter – Consultants will submit a one-page Introductory Letter and include the
following: the legal name of the Consulting firm or person, address, telephone, website and fax
numbers, as well as email addresses of principal contacts.
2. Table of Contents - A Table of Contents of the material contained in the Application should
follow the Cover Letter. Tabbed and labeled organization is appreciated.
3. Executive Summary - The Executive Summary should contain an outline of your business
approach along with a brief summary (3 pages maximum) of your qualifications to engage in a
professional relationship with the San Mateo County Community College District.
4. Completed Application. Submitter shall include a completed Application attached to this document,
as Exhibit A and Exhibit B.
Exhibit A should include the following sections:
A. Contact Information
Business Profile & License
C. Safety
Prevailing Wage Provisions
Litigation & Arbitration History
Fee Schedule
G. Insurance
Exhibit B should include the following sections:
A. Experience
B. Resumes of Proposed Key Personnel
C. Recent Projects
Board Goals
E. Additional Information
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
Qualification Application
Consultants shall complete the Application below and submit it in accordance with Instructions provided by
the District.
Firm/Consultant Name:
Business Address:
Telephone/Fax: Contact Email:
Web Address:
Year Established:
Corporation Proprietorship Partnership Joint Venture Other (please describe):
Business Focus (general practice, institutional, commercial, etc.)
Services provided (check all categories in which your firm is qualified and experienced)
Air Quality/Hazmat Monitor Engineering, Mechanical Signage/Graphic Design
Acoustical Design Engineering, Seismic Surveying Services
Architecture, Design Engineering, Structural Telecommunications Engrg.
Architectural Engineering Environmental Study/CEQA Testing, Materials
Architecture, Landscape Facility/Asset Evaluation Transportation Planning
Construction/Project Mgmt. Feasibility/Site Evaluation Utilities & Underground
Cost Estimating Fire & Security Engineering Value Engineering
Engineering, Civil Hazardous Waste/Remediation Other:
Engineering, Electrical Inspection Services
Engineering, Energy Interior Design
Engineering, Geotechnical Land Development
Engineering, Industrial Master Planning
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
The Firm/Consultant must be licensed in the State of California. Name of license holder on file with the
applicable State of California licensing entity:
Licensing Entity:
License Classification & Number: Expiration Date:
Number of year’s license has been issued under firm name:
1. Within the past five years, has the firm been subject to disciplinary action by the Licensing Entity?
YES NO If yes, please provide details of each action on attached page.
2. Have officers or principals of the firm ever had their consultant's license suspended or revoked for any
YES NO If yes, please explain on attached page.
1. Has there been an inquiry or charge by the U.S. Department of Labor, Division of Industrial
Relations against your firm within the past five (5) years?
YES NO If yes, attach description of inquiry or charge and its status. Include:
Project Name, Project Address, Date of Inquiry/Violation,
Description of Inquiry/Violation, Current Status and/or Resolution.
2. Does your firm have any outstanding judgments, demands or liens resulting from violations of the
California Labor Code, California Business and Professions Code or State Licensing laws?
YES NO If yes, attach description of outstanding judgment(s), demand or lien and
its status. Include: Project Name, Project Address, Date of
Inquiry/Violation, Description of Inquiry/Violation, Current Status
and/or Resolution.
3. Is your firm currently under investigation by any Federal or state agency for failing to comply with Federal
or state laws, including but not limited to the California Labor Code, California Business and Professions
Code or State Licensing laws?
YES NO If yes, attach description of investigation and its status. Include: Project
Name, Project address, Date of Inquiry/Violation, Description of
Inquiry/Violation, Current Status and/or Resolution.
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
1. Has Submitter been fined, penalized or otherwise found to have violated any prevailing wage or labor
code provision?
YES NO If yes, attach description of violation and its status. Include: Project
Name, Project Address, Date of Inquiry/Violation, Description of
Inquiry/Violation, Current Status and/or Resolution.
On your letterhead, please list all current or pending projects within the last ten (10) years where claims were
made against your firm, including the nature of the dispute and the disposition. Further, in a separate list
include claims you made against an Owner or General Consultant, resulting in litigation, arbitration,
mediation or settlement. The attached sheets must contain all of the following information listed below for
each claim:
Project Name
Project Location
Owner/Client Name
Nature/Description of Claim
Date Arbitration or Litigation Commenced
Initial Claim Amount
Date Resolved
1. Please provide a listing of all applicable billing rates on your company’s letterhead.
2. In addition to providing a unit price list, submit an itemized hourly fee schedule for:
a) Field time--Minimum charge and interval of calculation
b) Regular business hours and hourly rates outside of regular business hours
c) Report preparation charges
d) Reimbursement markup
e) Other miscellaneous charges not outlined in the Application, as applicable
f) The unit prices shall include all associated inspection services, material sampling, testing, repairs,
expenses, insurance, printing, plotting, communications, shipping, travel, overhead and profit. In
addition, please indicate a minimum call out charge, overtime rates for inspection services and
expedited rates for testing results. Indicate clearly when overtime and expedited rates apply. If
this calculation for unit prices does not apply to your profession, please indicate so.
Any diagrams or supplementary supporting materials should be included as appendices with
appropriate references.
If your company is approved through this process the prices provided shall be in effect for one year from the
date of notification. These prices shall be in effect whether the consultant(s) are billed directly by the
District or not.
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
1. Professional Liability Insurance is a standard requirement of the District. (See Attachment A for
insurance requirements for Professional Services)
Submitter has reviewed the attached insurance requirements required by the District for professional
services. This firm maintains or can obtain these coverages prior to potential award of a professional
services agreement.
Yes No
2. Other Requirements for this application:
a. Provide details of consultant’s insurance history for previous 5 years:
Agency Name:
Contact Name:
A.M. Best Rating:
b. Has Submitter ever had insurance terminated by a carrier?
YES NO If yes
, explain on a separate signed sheet marked with
correlating cross-reference to this paragraph of the
c. Insu
rance Declaration:
The undersigned declares under penalty of perjury that the insurance limits
indicated above are true and correct and that this declaration was executed in
County: State:
Signature: Date:
Name and Title - Printed or Typed
Representing Insurance Company Name
Firm Name
Telephone: Fax:
d. Include a copy of your insurance firm's Certificate of Liability (ACORD form GC-20
10 11 85 or equivalent) and accompanying endorsement form. (Please see sample
Certificate of Insurance form noted as Appendix 1 on page 14).
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San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
H: Acknowledgement and Release
The District reserves the right, for the sole purpose of evaluating consultants, to make inquiries as permitted by
By signature and date on this document, the consultant authorizes any financial institution, credit reporting
agency and/or service, legal firm or any other type of business, agency or individual named within this
document to release to the District (or District’s designated representative) any and all information as that
information relates, or could relate, to their ability to evaluate the background, stability and general worthiness
of this applicant to perform current or future architectural, engineering and professional service construction
consultant activities if approved and awarded a contract by the District.
This Acknowledgement and Release shall remain in effect until the applicant, in writing, requests that the
District cease any attempt to evaluate the potential approved applicant for architectural, engineering and
professional construction consultant services on the campuses of the San Mateo County Community College
District. An electronic or scanned copy of this page (with the applicant’s signature and date) shall be deemed as
valid as an original document with the applicant’s original signature.
Authorized Signature:
Application Prepared By:
Consultant’s Name: Consultant’s Title:
Telephone: Fax:
Email address: Date:
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San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
Description of Qualifications
Provide a Comprehensive Narrative of the architectural, engineering and professional construction
consultant services offered by your firm. The narrative should contain the information listed below,
as applicable to your firm’s services. If an item does not apply to the types of services your firm provides,
please note it as “not applicable” in your narrative.
1. Detail your firm’s experience in higher education, including community colleges, state
colleges, and universities.
2. Describe your firm’s knowledge of K – 14 construction in California, including
understanding and knowledge of Field Act requirements, as related to construction in
community colleges.
Provide a description of budgeting, cost and quality control methods that your firm employs.
Describe your firm’s philosophy of designing within budget and provide specific examples
these projects.
Depict your firm’s experience and approach to value engineering.
Explain your firm’s approach and experience with the Division of the State Architect (DSA).
Describe in general your firm’s experience in and approach to
a. Planning and Design
b. Cost Estimating
c. Bidding and Awarding Construction Contracts
d. Construction Administration
e. Project Management
8. Shed light on how your firm approaches modernization projects vs. new construction
9. Describe how your firm shares information with the project team throughout the life of a
Clarify how your firm handles discipline coordination.
11. Describe your firm’s philosophy of integrated design, sustainability, and environmental
12. Provide examples of sustainable/green design projects that your firm has accomplished.
your LEED certification experience and your firm’s approach to
Explain how your firm incorporates the commissioning process into design requirements.
Has your firm been disqualified from working for the District or any other
public entity.
15. Detail your experience with the Design-Build construction delivery method.
Consultants may add supplementary information if such information would assist in the analysis of
the Consultant’s application.
The District is interested in knowing more about the managerial and supervisory people associated
with the consultant and their backgrounds. Accordingly, Consultants should describe experiences
including a minimum of three public educational projects. Include the description, scope of projects,
and construction costs. Provide contact names and phone numbers. Describe your experience with
the Division of State Architect (DSA) on recent projects.
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
Summarize similar project experience below and provide the detailed project information requested
(attach additional sheets, if necessary).
List Key Personnel that will be assigned to the Work on the District projects:
Project Manager: Project Architect or Engineer:
In addition to getting to know the personnel assigned to the District, the District is interested in
knowing the breath and reaches of the consultant’s portfolio and work history. On your letterhead,
please list a minimum of three recent projects completed for an Educational or Public entity in the
past five years. The Attached sheets must contain all of the following information for each project:
Project Name
Owner Contact Name
Owner Contact Telephone/Fax/Email
Architect/Engineer Contact Name
Architect/Engineer Telephone/Fax/Email
Const. Mgr. or Project Mgr. Name
Const. Mgr. or Project Mgr. Telephone/Fax/Email
Description of Project, Scope of Work Performed
Total Construction Cost
Total Change Order Amount
Original Scheduled Date of Completion
Time Extensions Granted (number of days) Actual Date of Completion
Number of Stop Notices filed by Sub-consultants or Suppliers
DSA Experience
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
The Board of Trustees for SMCCCD has specific board goals that it wishes for the campus
construction. These goals include:
The use of Local Firms on District projects,
The use of emerging and underrepresented businesses,
The use of apprentices and graduates of the District colleges on projects,
Sustainable construction methods
Please describe in two or three paragraphs how your firm will assist the District in reaching these
The District is requesting the following information for statistical and demographic purposes only.
Completion of Section E is optional.
Composition of Firm Ownership, circle appropriate answer:
African American or Black (greater than 50%)
American Indian or Alaskan Native (greater than 50%)
Asian or Asian American (greater than 50%)
Caucasian or White (greater than 50%)
Hispanic or Latino (greater than 50%)
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (greater than 50%)
Multi-Ethnic Ownership (50% minority, 50% non-minority)
Filipino (greater than 50%)
Female (greater than 50%)
Male (greater than 50%)
Disabled Veteran Business:
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
Attachment A
(Excerpted from SMCCCD’s Short-Form Professional Services Agreement which indicates the
minimum limits of coverage. District reserves the right to modify these requirements, including limits,
based on the nature of the project or other special circumstances.)
1. Consultant’s Duty to Show Proof of Insurance Prior to the execution of this Agreement,
Consultant shall furnish to District Certificates of Insurance showing satisfactory proof that
Consultant has taken out for the entire period required by this Agreement, as further described
below, the following insurance. Said insurance shall be in a form satisfactory to District and
with an insurance carrier satisfactory to District, authorized to do business in California, and
rated by A. M. Best & Company A or better, financial category size IX or better. Consultant’s
insurance shall protect those described below from claims described below that arise, or are
alleged to have arisen, out of or resulting from Consultant’s acts or omissions for which
Consultant may be legally liable, whether performed by Consultant, or by those employed
directly or indirectly by Consultant, any Subconsultant, or by anyone for whose acts
Consultant may be liable:
2. Commercial General Liability Insurance
2.1 Commercial general liability insurance, written on an “occurrence” basis, which shall
provide coverage for bodily injury, death and property damage resulting from
operations, products liability, liability for slander, false arrest and invasion of privacy
arising out of professional services rendered hereunder, blanket contractual liability,
broad form endorsement, products and completed operations, personal and
advertising liability, with per limits of not less than $2,000,000 annual general
aggregate and $1,000,000 each occurrence.
2.2 Excess Liability Insurance
Excess liability insurance, on an “Occurrence” form, coverage should apply and follow
form over primary coverages shown above. Limits must apply per any one occurrence
and general aggregate annually; and Annual Aggregate Products and Completed
Operations. The following are required excess limits of liability: $2,000,000 Bodily
Injury and Property Damage Liability, $2,000,000 General Aggregate, $2,000,000
Products and Completed Operations.
2.3 Business Automobile Liability Insurance
Business automobile liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 each
occurrence including coverage for owned, non-owned and hired vehicles.
2.4 Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Workers’ Compensation Employers’ Liability limits required by the laws of the State
of California. Consultant’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance policy shall contain a
Waiver of Subrogation. In the event Consultant is self-insured, it shall furnish
Certificate of Permission to Self-Insure signed by Department of Industrial Relations
Administration of Self-Insurance, State of California.
2.5 Professional Liability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance satisfying either of the two following requirements:
(a) specific to this Project only, with limits not less than $1,000,000 each claim, or (b)
limits of not less than $2,000,000 each claim and aggregate. Such Professional
Liability Insurance shall apply to and insure against Consultant’s negligent acts,
errors or omissions in connection with services to be provided under this Agreement,
and shall contain no exclusion for claims of one insured against another insured.
Such Professional Liability Insurance policy shall be maintained for a period of five
years after the Completion of the Services.
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
3. Insurance Terms and Conditions
officers, officials, agents, representatives, employees, and volunteers, shall be
named as additional insureds on Consultant’s primary and excess Commercial
General Liability policy, but only with respect to liability arising out of the activities of
the named insured, and there shall be a waiver of subrogation as to each named and
additional insured.
3.2 The policies shall apply separately to each insured against whom claim is made or
suit is brought except with respect to the monetary limits of Consultant’s insurance
3.3 Certificates of Insurance shall include the following statement: “Written notice of
cancellation, non-renewal or of any material change in policy shall be mailed to
District 30 calendar days in advance of the effective date thereof.”
3.4 Consultant’s (and if applicable Subconsultant’s) insurance shall be primary insurance
and no other insurance or self-insured retention carried or held by any named or
additional insured shall be called upon to contribute to a loss covered by the primary
insurance. Any District insurance shall be excess and noncontributing to any
insurance available to the District as an additional insured under Consultant’s (or any
Subconsultant’s) primary and excess Commercial General Liability policies provided
pursuant to this Agreement.
3.5 Nothing contained herein shall be construed as limiting in any way the extent to which
Consultant, Subconsultants or any of their employees may be held responsible for
payment of damages resulting from the Services.
3.6 If Consultant (or any Subconsultant if applicable) fails to maintain any required
insurance, District may (but is not obligated to) obtain such insurance, and may
deduct and retain the cost of any premium so incurred from any sums due Consultant
under this Agreement.
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
San Mateo County Community College District Construction Consultant Application
CG 20 10 11 85
This endorsement modifies insurance provided under the following:
Name of Person or Organization:
San Mateo County Community College District, its Trustees, officers, officials, agents,
representatives, consultants, employees, and volunteers are named as an additional insured
under an “Insured Contract” and evidenced by certificate of insurance on file with us.
(If no entry appears above, information required to complete this endorsement will be shown in
the Declarations as applicable to this endorsement.)
WHO IS AN INSURED (Section II) is amended to include as an insured the person or organization
shown in the Schedule, but only with respect to liability arising out of “your work” for that insured
by or for you.
CL 246 (11-85)
CG 20 10 11 85 Copyright, Insurance Services Office, Inc., 1984 Page 1 of 1