THIS CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT, herein referred to the "Agreement," and being executed
on ________________________ by and between ________________________,
________________________ located at ________________________,
________________________, ________________________ ________________________ in the
County of ________________________ and whose contact number is
________________________ whose license number is ________________________ and
________________________, ________________________ located at
________________________, ________________________, ________________________
________________________ in the County of ________________________ and whose contact
number is ________________________.
________________________ desires to provide Construction services to
________________________ and ________________________ desires to obtain said
construction services from ________________________.
THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth below,
________________________ and ________________________ shall agree to the terms and
conditions herein contained in this Contract and enumerated as follows:
Detailed Description of Work to Be Performed
________________________ agrees to perform in a good and workmanlike manner, all work
detailed in the Specifications Sheet which is annexed hereto as Exhibit A, which is incorporated
herein by reference. Any modifications or alterations from the herein contained terms and
conditions annexed must be done in writing.
Detailed Scope of Work
________________________ shall provide all services, materials and labor for the construction
of ________________________ on the property located at ________________________,
________________________, ________________________ ________________________
hereinafter referred to as the "Worksite."
Detailed Description of Materials to be Used
All materials to be used in the performance of the work herein described in the Specifications
Sheet, which has been annexed, must be in writing. All work completed will meet or exceed the
Quality Standards for the Professional Builder, as established and set forth by the National
Association of Home Builders (
In the event that the Contractor is a corporation, then a certificate that the individual executing this
contract is duly authorized to sign must accompany this contract.
________________________ agrees to complete all work herein described and
________________________ shall pay the Contractor for the performance of this contract for the
total sum of ________________________ dollars in accordance with the terms of this contract.
Upon the receipt of final payment on this contract, ________________________ shall be released
and discharged from any and all claims against ________________________ for any work
performed hererunder or any alteration hereto.
________________________ agrees to pay ________________________ interest, at the rate of
________________________ per annum, on any unpaid balance owed under this contract that is
outstanding more than thirty (30) days in the arrears. ________________________ further agrees
to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs of collection in the event
________________________ fails to pay ________________________ any of the amounts due
as outlined in EXHIBIT "C."
Checks shall be made payable and sent to:
________________________, ________________________
Commencement and Completion of Work
Contractor will not begin work or order any materials before the third (3) day following the signing
of this Agreement, unless otherwise specified here in writing. The Contractor will begin work on,
or about ________________________. Barring any delay caused by circumstances beyond the
Contractor's control, the work shall be completed by ________________________.
________________________ hereby acknowledges and agrees that the scheduling dates are
approximate and that any delay attributable to the presence of hidden conditions or requiring
additional work discovered during the course of construction, or delays arising out of the receipt
of equipment and/or materials, that are not avoidable by the contractor, shall not be considered as
violations of this Agreement.
Any materials to be supplied by ________________________ shall be delivered to the worksite
not less than forty eight (48) hours before the date upon which they will be required by the
Contractor in order to continue the work described. Failure of ________________________ to
supply such materials in a timely manner shall also not be considered to be the responsibility of
the Contractor.
No Acceleration of Payments – Escrowing Allowed
________________________ may not require payments to be made in advance of the time frame
specified above for the reason that he deems himself or the payments to be insecure. If, required,
as a prerequisite to continuing the work described herein, but the balance of the payments under
this contract that are in control of ________________________ be placed in a joint escrow
account that requires the signature of both ________________________ and
________________________ for withdrawal.
The Contractor agrees to procure and maintain in full force and effect during the term of this
Contract, at its own cost, the following coverage:
Worker's Compensation Insurance as required by the Labor Code of the State of
________________________ and Employer's Liability Insurance.
Commercial General Liability Insurance with minimum combined single limits of ONE
MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000) each occurrence and ONE MILLION DOLLARS
($1,000,000) general aggregate. The policy shall be applicable to all premises and
operations. The policy shall include coverage for bodily injury, broad form property
damage (including completed operations), personal injury (including coverage for
contractual and employee acts), blanket contractual, independent contractors, products,
and completed operations. The policy shall include coverage for explosion, collapse, and
underground hazards.
Automobile Liability Insurance with minimum combined single limits for bodily injury
and property damage of not less than ONE MILLION ($1,000,000) for any one
occurrence, with respect to each of Contractor's owned, hired or non-owned vehicles
assigned to or used in performance of the services or work under this Contract.
Contractor shall procure and maintain, and shall cause any Subcontractor of the
Contractor to procure and maintain, the minimum insurance coverage listed herein. Such
coverage shall be procured and maintained with forms and insurers acceptable to the
Company/Client. All coverage shall be continuously maintained to cover all liability,
claims, demands, and other obligations assumed by the Contractor pursuant. In the case
of any claims-made policy, the necessary retroactive dates and extended reporting periods
shall be procured to maintain such continuous coverage.
A Certificate of Insurance shall be completed by the Contractor's Insurance Agent(s) as
evidence that policies providing the required coverage, condition, and minimum limits
are in full force and effect and shall be subject to review and approval by the
Company/Client prior to commencement of any services under this Contract. The
Certificate shall identify this Contract and shall provide that the coverage afforded under
the policies shall not be cancelled, terminated or materially changed until at least thirty
(30) days prior written notice has been given to the Company/Client. The Certificate shall
name Company/Client, its officers, and its employees as additional insured with respect
to the General Liability Insurance. The completed Certificate of Insurance shall be sent
________________________, ________________________
Failure on the part of the Contractor or Subcontractor to procure or maintain policies
providing the required coverage, conditions, and minimum limits shall constitute a material
Breach of Contract upon which the Company/Client may immediately terminate this
Contract, or at its discretion, the Company/Client may procure or renew any such policy
or any extended reporting period thereto and may pay any and all premiums in connection
therewith, and all monies so paid by the Company/Client shall be repaid by Contractor to
the Company/Client upon demand, or Company/Client may offset the cost of the premium
against any monies due to Contractor from the Company/Client.
Company/Client reserves the right to request and receive a certified copy of any policy and
any endorsement thereto. Contractor agrees to execute any and all documents necessary to
allow the Company/Client access to any and all insurance and endorsements pertaining to
this particular job.
Every policy required above shall be primary insurance, and any insurance carried by the
Company/Client, its officers, or its employees shall be excess and not contributory
insurance to that provided by the Contractor. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for
any deductible losses under the policies required above.
The Contractor shall not be relieved of any liability, claims, demands, or other obligations
assumed pursuant to this Contract by reason of its failure to procure and maintain
insurance, or by reason of its failure to procure or maintain insurance in sufficient amounts,
duration or types.
As an independent contractor the Contractor is not entitled to Worker's Compensation
benefits under the Company/Client plan. Furthermore, the Contractor is obligated to pay
federal and state income tax on any monies' earned pursuant to this contractual relationship.
The parties hereto understand and agree that the Company/Client, its officers, and its
employees, are relying on, and do not waive or intend to waive by any provision of this
Contract, the monetary limitation or any other rights, immunities, and protections provided
by state and federal laws.
Contractor agrees that, not withstanding, any agreement for materials and/or labor between the
Contractor and a third party, Contractor is responsible to ________________________ for
completion of all work described in a timely and workmanlike manner.
Construction-Related Permits
The following construction-related permits will be necessary in order to complete the scope of the
work included in this Agreement: Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Water, Sewer,
Smoke Detector and Gas.
The Contractor, in accordance with current state and federal laws, shall be required to apply for
and obtain all construction-related permits. The contractor shall not be deemed responsible for
delays in the work described in this Agreement caused by regulatory, permit granting or inspection
agencies, authorities or individuals.
This Agreement, including the provisions relating to price and payment schedule cannot be
changed except by a written statement signed by both ________________________ and
________________________. However, cancellation by ________________________ is allowed
in accordance with the Notice of Cancellation as outlined under Rights to Cancellation below.
Rights To Cancellation
The Company/Client has the right to cancel the Contract Agreement, without any penalty or
obligation within three (3) business days after signing the contract by ordinary posted mail, by
telegram or certified mail, not later than midnight of the third business day of the signing of this
The Contractor agrees to warrant the finished project for one year beginning from the date of
completion for one year following. The Contractor agrees to correct any defect during the one (1)
year period in a prompt manner from the time the Contractor is notified. The
________________________ shall notify the Contractor of a defect as soon as the defect is
discovered. All notices of defect shall be in writing and shall state with specificity, the defect
Contractor agrees to provide ________________________ with all manufacturers' warranties,
guarantees, instructional booklets, and other informative literature of the products and materials
used in the home.
No employee, agent, or subcontractor is authorized to make any representation or warranty on
behalf of the Contractor other than those contained in this Agreement. This warranty is non-
Miscellaneous Provisions
This Contract is governed by the laws of ________________________.
Contractor shall not assign this contract. The provisions of the Contract are binding on the heirs,
successors or assignees of the parties.
The rights and remedies available under this Contract shall be in addition to any rights and
remedies allowed by law.
No failure to enforce any provision of this Contract on account of any breach thereof shall be
considered as a waiver of any right to enforce provisions of this Contract concerning any
subsequent or continuing breach.
The terms of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect following final payment.
Completeness of Agreement for Execution
________________________ is hereby advised they should not sign this Agreement unless all
blank sections have been filled in or marked as void, delete or as not being applicable, and until
all exhibits and related or referenced documents that are incorporated herein and attached hereto.
Copy of Agreement to Be Given to Company/Client
This Agreement is governed by current state and federal laws. It must be executed in duplicate,
and an original signed copy hereof given to the Company/Client at the time of execution. No
work under this Agreement shall begin prior to the signing of this Agreement and transmitted to
the Company/Client of copy thereof.
Agreement to Arbitrate in the Extent of Dispute
The Contractor and the Company/Client hereby mutually agree in advance that in the event that
the Contractor has a dispute concerning this contract, the contractor may submit such dispute to
either the American Arbitration Association or to such other private arbitration service which has
been approved by the secretary of the Executive of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations
and the consumer shall be required to submit to such arbitration as provided under current state
and federal laws. The decision and award of the arbitrator shall be final. The costs of such
proceedings shall be borne equally by both parties.
Severability Clause
The provisions of the Contract shall be deemed to be severable, and if any term, condition,
phrase or portion of the Contract shall be determined to be unlawful or otherwise unenforceable,
the remainder of the Contract shall remain in full force and effect, so long as the clause severed
does not affect the intent of the parties.
The ________________________ agrees to indemnify and hold harmless
________________________ and its employees, from and against all liability, claims, demands,
and expenses, including court costs and attorney fees, on account of any injury, loss or damage,
which may arise out of or are in any manner connected with the work to be performed under this
Contract, if any such injury, loss or damage is cause in whole or in part by, or is claimed to be
caused in whole or in part by, the negligent acts, errors, or omissions of the Contractor, any
Subcontractor of the Contractor, or any officer, employee, or agent of the Contractor. The
obligations of this Section shall not apply to damages which ________________________ shall
become liable by final judgment to pay to a third party as the result of the negligent act, error or
omission of ________________________
Executed as our free act and deed on ________________________.
(Contractor Signature)
(Client/Company Signature)
(Client/Company Signature)
This contract shall be considered null and void if it is not signed and returned to
________________________ within ten (10) business days from the date of the contract.
Design and construct a ________________________ with the following plan details:
Prepare and stake off area prior to commencement of work. Survey and draft a design and plan for
submission for the Building Department. ________________________
________________________ shall supply all required building plans to apply for a building
permit from the City of ________________________ in the Municipality or Township of
________________________. The plans shall consist of all items necessary to complete the
construction work under this contract. The building permit shall consist of, but not limited to,
water, sewer, electric, plumbing and mechanical permit.
Remove the desired trees and shrubbery from the site; all branches shall be ground up and left on
site. Any tree stumps shall be dug up and removed from the site to a legal disposal area.
Frame the structure in accordance to the approved plans and shall be constructed using the
following materials:
We, ________________________, Presiding Officer and ________________________,
Secretary of the meeting of the Board of Directors held on ________________________, a
quorum being present, said committee, by majority vote of the members present, did resolve and
authorize that ________________________ as ________________________ of the Corporation,
is authorized and directed to execute and deliver the Agreement on behalf of the Corporation and
to do and perform all acts and things which s/he deems to be necessary or appropriate to carry out
the terms of the Agreement and documents contemplated by the Agreement.
The undersigned further certifies that ________________________ now holds the office of
________________________ and s/he has held that office since ________________________.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has executed this Certificate of Authority on
Secretary Signature: __________________________________________________
Deposit to Begin Work
Foundation Completion
House Deck Completion
Framing Completion
Roof Sheathing
Windows Installed
Roofing Completion
Brick Delivered & Started
Brickwork Completed
Plumbing Roughed
Electric Roughed
Rough Heating System Completed
Insulation Completed
Plasterwork Completed
Finish Heating Completed
Interior Trim Installed
Interior Doors Installed
Kitchen Cabinets & Tops Installed
Concrete Floor Completed
Ceramic Tile Flooring Completed
Carpeting Completed
Finish Plumbing Fixtures Completed
Bathroom Cabinets & Counter Completed
Finish Electric Completed
Interior Painting Completed
Landscaping Completed
Driveway Completed
Appliances Installed
Sprinkler System Installed
Occupancy Permit
Final Company/Client Inspection
Upon final inspection, the Company/Client shall submit, in writing, a punch list of any item that
may need attention by the contractor upon the completion of substantial construction. At that time,
the contractor will make any needed adjustments to satisfy the aforementioned punch list as soon
as possible. Upon completion of the punch list, the Company/Client will do a final walk through
and sign off for payment of the balance of the contract which shall be due.
All selections of materials shall be made from the contractor's vendors and suppliers. Any overages
on the allowances given will be charged a 10% fee to cover the contractor's overhead and profit.
Company/Client agrees not to take occupancy of the premises until the contractor has been paid in
full unless the contractor has provided written permission to the Company/Client.