FINANCIAL AID | 2020-2021
Consortium Agreement
A Consortium Agreement allows a student to receive financial aid at Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) for
coursework taken at another College/University (Host School). Host school courses must be equivalent to courses required for the
student’s declared major at RCTC. The completed Consortium Agreement form must be submitted to the Welcome and One Stop
no later than the 5
day of the semester
Student Name
Stinger ID #
Last First M
RCTC Major:
Host School:
Host School ID#
Check Semester:
Fall 2020
Spring 2021
August 28, 2020
January 15, 2021
Host College/University Courses: (complete after registration)
(I.E. CNT 1101)
r if course is required
for an ‘Affiliated Program’)
I understand and agree to the following statements:
The RCTC Financial Aid Office will include the credits listed above when determining my financial aid eligibility for the
semester indicated. Aid will be applied to my RCTC tuition, fees and other authorized charges on my account. Any
remaining funds will be released to me (the student), to be used to pay my bill at my Host School.
I remain responsible for payment of my tuition, fees and other costs at my Host School. I understand RCTC will NOT make
any payments to my Host School.
I agree not to accept Financial Aid from my Host School for the semester of this consortium agreement.
I will notify RCTC Welcome and One Stop Center of any changes to my enrollment within 10 days of the change (drop,
add, withdraw, or program resignation). Upon completion of these courses, I agree to provide a final, official copy of my
Host School transcript to RCTC.
I give authorization to both RCTC and my Host School (listed above) to exchange information about my enrollment,
grades, attendance, balance due and Aid status for the purposes of executing this agreement.
Student Signature:
As a representative for the Host School, I certify the student named above is enrolled for the term and in the courses as listed above. I
agree that my institution will
not award or disburse Federal Student Aid to the student during the term of this agreement. I understand
the student remains responsible to pay Host School costs by the established deadlines or make other arrangements. Once the
student’s RCTC account is paid in full, any residual Aid will be released directly to the student. RCTC will not make any direct payments
to the Host School. The Host School agrees to notify RCTC within 10 days of any change in the student’s enrollment.
* Attach a copy of the student’s registration and fee statement * as confirmation of the student’s enrollment as listed above
and to serve as documentation of the tuition, fees, textbook and other expenses incurred by the student at the Host School.
Financial Aid Signature:
Printed Name: