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Consortium Agreement Guidelines
A consortium agreement is a written contract between two eligible schools enabling a student to take
coursework at a different institution for the purpose of completing a degree here at the University of Delaware.
You can only receive financial aid from one university at any given time so the school that the student has been
attending on a regular basis will process financial aid to be used at the host institution.
Consortium agreements are not applications for “extra” financial aid. This agreement merely allows a student
to receive the same amount of financial aid he or she would normally receive for classes taken at UD. If a
credit balance is created by financial aid funds, then a refund can be requested and released to the student.
Students studying at institutions not affiliated with the University of Delaware will only be able to use their
federal and state aid under this agreement; no University of Delaware institutional scholarships and grants
can be used. UD students attending a non-UD program will not receive an increase in their aid package, even
if the non-UD program costs more than studying at UD. The UD student may seek a Federal PLUS loan if the
cost of the non-UD program is more than studying at UD.
Financial aid will be disbursed no earlier than the first day of classes at UD and only after all documentation is
received and reviewed for completeness. It is your responsibility to arrange for payment of all deposits
and costs at the “host institution” minus the financial aid that will be sent directly to the “host institution
from UD.
Consortium agreements expire at the end of each semester. Therefore, students seeking to participate in this
program for more than one semester must reapply with a new application each semester.
Prior to participating in this program you must complete and submit all documentation as outlined in the
attached guidelines and application to Student Financial Services either by mail to 30 Lovett Avenue, Newark,
DE 19716 or by fax at 302-831-4334. If you would like to discuss your financial aid awards, please contact an
Advisor at 302-831-2126.
To participate in this program you must:
Have approval from your major/department(s) and you academic advising office prior to participating
in this program.
Complete the attached consortium application/checklist in order to have your financial aid available
for use at the host institution.
Be degree seeking at the University of Delaware.
Ensure classes taken at the “host institution” is a requirement for the degree they are seeking, and they
must be a registered for a minimum of 12 credits.
Obtain a deferment form from the Registrar’s office if you are contacted by your lender regarding
repayment of your student loans while participating in this program.
Submit to the Registrar’s Office at UD a copy of your grade transcripts. Failure to provide the
transcript will prohibit aid from being processed for subsequent semesters. Please note, UD will accept
grades from the host institution as if the coursework was taken directly at our school. For example, if a
“D” is not acceptable for a particular course here, then a “D” will not be accepted as transferable credits
from the host institution.
Notify Student Financial Services at the University of Delaware of any changes in your enrollment
status at the “host institution” within 10 days. In the event of non-attendance or withdrawal from any or
all classes, you will be responsible for repayment of financial aid received according to applicable
federal and institutional regulations.
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716-6740
Phone: 302-831-2126
Fax: 302-831-3041
Student Financial Services
Student’s Name_______________________________________________ID#________________________
Enrollment Dates from___________________ to ____________________
(mm/dd/yyyy) (mm/dd/yyyy)
Name of Host Institution________________________________________Program_____________________
My signature below verifies that the above information is correct and the full time coursework I am enrolled for
at the host institution will lead to a degree at the University of Delaware. It also indicates my permission for the
host institution to provide enrollment information and to release my grades, verbally or in writing, to the
University of Delaware. I understand there are specific regulations I must adhere to in order to meet
Satisfactory Progress Standards as defined in the guidelines listed above. Furthermore, I understand any
deviation from the pre-approved courses may result in the loss of federal and/or UD financial aid for the
following semester.
I agree to complete the following information prior to departure:
1. Provide the University of Delaware with written notification of my intent to attend another institution.
2. Provide an enrollment verification letter from the host school’s program or department stating my participation. This should
provide details regarding my attendance including institution name, the host institution contact’s name, mailing address, phone
number, email address, course schedule, dates of enrollment and a request for my financial aid to be used at that institution.
3. Provide Student Financial Services with an invoice showing detailed expenses for my educational costs (invoice should be
itemized showing costs for tuition, fees, room, board, etc.)
4. Do you have additional anticipated expenses; such as airfare to and from the host school? ___No ___Yes If yes, please
provide a list of those expenses.
5. Provide a completed and signed Transfer Credit-Post Admission form. See this website for more
information: (
). A minimum of 12 credits must transfer back to UD.
6. Complete a Leave of Absence form (contact the Dean of your major). **N/A for Summer Session
7. If you are selected for verification please view your To Do list and submit the required documents. Aid cannot be disbursed
until this process has been completed.
8. If you have loans, be sure the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling forms have been completed.
9. What to do if Federal government requests repayment for prior student loans.
________________________________________________________________ ______________________
(Student’s signature) (Date)