Wine Export Certificate
For Wine Products Exported to The People’s Republic of China
This is a Multi-Purpose Certificate used for Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Health/Sanitation and Certificate of Authenticity/Free Sale.
US Winery/Bottler/Producer (葡萄酒生产厂家)
US Exporter/Wholesaler (出口商/批发商 )
US Winery/Bottler/Producer Premises Address (葡萄酒生产厂家地址)
US Exporter/Wholesaler Premises Address (出口商/批发商地址 )
US Winery/Bottler/Producer TTB Permit Number (葡萄酒生产厂家登记号)
US Exporter/Wholesaler TTB Permit Number (出口商/批发商登记号)
China Importer/Consignee (中国进囗商/收货人)
China Importer/Consignee Address (中国进囗商/收货人地址)
We state that (我们声明):
a) the products listed here were produced or bottled in the US ( 以下列出的葡萄酒是在美国生产的或者在美国装瓶);
b) that all products comply with the provisions governing the production and release of products for direct human consumption per the laws of the US (
c) the products were produced by normal and approved methods of production and not specifically for the purpose of export
d) and the product is authentic and is fit for human consumption in the US (以下列出的葡萄酒确实是在美国生产的,并且符合美国的安全饮用标准。).
Description of Wine: name, brand, varietal or type (where applicable), vintage (where
applicable), origin, net volume, alcohol content, and appellation (where applicable).
Quantity (数量)
# Bottles/case, # Cases
( #/, #)
Bottling Date ( Lot
Date (签字日期 )
Name and title of winery/exporter/wholesaler representative with signing authority, certifying to the above
For TTB use only (以下仅供 TTB 使用)
The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the U.S. Department of Treasury (TTB) confirms that the producer of the wine described in
this certificate holds a permit issued by TTB. ( 确认该证书中所描述的葡萄酒生产者持有 TTB 颁发的许可证.)
Signature of authorized official of TTB (签字)
Done at Washington, DC on (签字日期)
Expiration Date: one year from the stamping date
(有效期 1 )
Seal of TTB (TTB
EXP 01 (09/2013)