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Section 1: Personal Information
Application Reference Number:
Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name(s):
Consideration of Alternative Documents Request Form
To complete this form, you must download and save a blank copy to your computer. Close
your Internet browser and open the saved copy from your computer files. Now you may
print off a hard copy or enter your information electronically.
The College understands there are unique circumstances that may make obtaining required
documents difficult, but also recognizes that there must be satisfactory evidence to support an
application for a certificate of registration. This form is for applicants who are unable to obtain the
required documents and are requesting that the Registrar considers alternative documents, under the
College’s Policy regarding Unavailable Documents. Please review the Guide to confirm that this form
applies to you.
Consideration of Alternative Documents Request Form 2020
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ection 2: Reason for Request
1. Please indicate which document(s) you were unable to obtain. (Select
all that apply):
Official Transcript
World Education Services (WES) International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP)
Course outlines/syllabi for program(s) completed
Other (please specify):
2. Please specify the reason that you were unable to obtain the documents and provide details
(select all that apply):
The educational institution has closed
The documents have been lost or destroyed by the educational institution
The educational institution or government authority has refused to provide documents
There is a real risk of harm to you and/or your family if you attempt to obtain the
Other (please specify):
Please provide all details about your reason
and the efforts made (including all
communication efforts) to obtain the documents in the space provided below.
*Attach supplementary documentation to this form.
Consideration of Alternative Documents Request Form 2020
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Section 3: Alternative Documents
Please indicate what
alternative documents you will be submitting for consideration. Select all
that apply.
Alternative Document(s) to Official Transcript or WES ICAP
Alternative Document(s) to Course Outlines/Syllabi
Other Alternative Document(s) to required document(s)
Please provide a detailed description of the document(s) you are proposing to provide as an
alternative to the required document(s).
Section 4: Signed Acknowledgment and Confirmation
I acknowledge that, absent risk of harm to myself or my
family, I have exhausted all
reasonable options for obtaining the documents required by the College, including
contacting the educational institution, any successor to the educational institution, Ministry
of Education, or equivalent government or other licensing authority.
By Checking this box and typing or printing my name, I confirm that all the information
contained in this Request for Consideration of Alternative Documents Form is true, and
acknowledge that any false or misleading statement, representation or declaration in or in
connection to this request, may be cause for refusal of registration or disciplinary action.
Applicant’s Full Name:
Date (DD/MM/YY):
Consideration of Alternative Documents Request Form 2020
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