Updated 07.03.18
Statement of Agreement
According to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), it is important we
do not share student information with anyone other than the student. If the student would
like his or her information given to anyone other than the student, (such as parent,
husband, wife, etc.) he or she will need to provide Eastern Arizona College (EAC) with a
written document giving permission for us to release their student information.
Any student information from the student’s file, computer record, etc. may not be
released to their parent or anyone else requesting the information other than the student.
We should not release any information over the telephone or fax machine regarding the
student’s information. Working in an office with important and private student
information, it is crucial that we do not release any of the student’s personal or financial
information. It is unethical and unacceptable to discuss a student’s financial or personal
situation with anyone other than the student.
I ________________________________ have read the above statement regarding
confidentiality and have taken the FERPA training. I agree to accept the responsibility of
keeping all information that I see and learn confidential regarding all student information
and personal situations. I will not release any student information to anyone other than
the student unless the student provides a written agreement that allows me to do so. I
understand the importance of keeping all information confidential and will comply with
________________________________________ _______________________
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