The purpose of the Concurrent Enrollment Program for Secondary Students is to provide a select number of high school students an
opportunity to enroll for courses at Eastern New Mexico University and to earn college credit while still in high school.
Students who apply for concurrent enrollment are admitted to ENMU under a special ‘non-degree seeking’ category. Upon completion,
the courses will appear on an ofcial ENMU transcript and will be transferable to other colleges and universities. Please note that the
student is not required to attend ENMU after graduation from high school to have the credit transferred to another institution.
A student may take a maximum of six semester hours per term. Any student wishing to take more than six hours must request
and receive written approval from both the high school ofcial and ENMU director of Enrollment Services.
Students admitted to the concurrent enrollment program are subject to all University academic regulations including those governing
attendance, minimum grade point average and withdrawal. By signing the Concurrent Enrollment Program for Secondary Students
form, students consent to the release of their ENMU academic records to the high school.
Financial aid will not be available to high school students participating in the program. Grades earned as a concurrent student may
affect eligibility for nancial aid in college. Contact Financial Aid if you have questions, 575-562-2194.
Admission Requirements
Admission to the Concurrent Enrollment Program is limited to students who have completed their sophomore year in high
school. Each semester, students must ll out an application and have a high school ofcial sign the recommendation section.
Parent/guardian signature is also required. Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 (based on a 4.0 scale)
prior to each enrollment.
Individual high schools may require additional qualications before certifying and recommending a student for this program. In all
cases, the nal decision for admission to the concurrent enrollment program is made by the ENMU director of Enrollment Services.
Application Procedure
The ENMU Concurrent Enrollment Program form must be completed before students will be considered for admission. Concurrent
Enrollment Program applications are available from the ENMU Ofce of Enrollment Services and in the counseling ofces of
participating high schools.
Student Information/Application
Last First Middle
SSN (optional): Date of birth: Cumulative GPA:
E-mail: Phone number:
Mailing address:
Address City State ZIP
Expected date of graduation: from High School
Month / Year
Gender: q Male q Female Are either of your parents active duty military? q Yes q No
Do you currently attend a private school, home school or Indian nation school? q Yes q No
Check appropriate ethnic origin (This information is voluntary and will not be used in a discriminatory manner.):
Please indicate whether you consider yourself to be Hispanic/Latino: q Yes q No
In addition, select one or more of the following racial categories to describe yourself:
qAmerican Indian or Alaskan Native q Asian q Black or African American
q Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander q White or Caucasian
Are you a U.S. citizen? q Yes q No
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Concurrent Enrollment Program
for Secondary Students
Enrollment Services
Enrollment Information (Students may only enroll for one semester at a time.)
Semester of enrollment: q Fall q Spring q Summer Year of enrollment: 20
Courses in which the student wishes to enroll:
CRN Department and course number Section Number Credit hours Times
High School Official’s Recommendation
The student whose name and qualications appear above has my unconditional recommendation for the ENMU Concurrent
Enrollment Program for Secondary Students and is academically qualied (with a 2.5 or higher GPA) to take the courses that
have been listed.
Signature of high school official Date
Disciplinary (Required):
Have you ever been ever been convicted or pleaded guilty, or are you presently charged by
indictment with a crime (a felony) which might be punishable by imprisonment in a penitentiary? q Yes q No
‘Non-Degree Seeking’ Enrollment Agreement and Signature
It is agreed that enrollment in a course(s) at Eastern New Mexico University constitutes a special admission for the purpose of
taking university courses and earning college credit while still enrolled in high school. This is not a regular admission; it is a
special admission category outlined in the guidelines concerning the Concurrent Enrollment Program for Secondary Students.
I have read the program guidelines concerning the Concurrent Enrollment Program for Secondary Students and I am aware of the
regulations pertaining to enrollment.
Student signature Date
Parent/guardian signature Date
Director of Enrollment Services signature (approval) Date
OCS • S0150 • 8/08
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Concurrent Enrollment Program
for Secondary Students
Enrollment Services
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