Title First name
Phone number
Date of birth
Mobile number
If you’re an existing member, please state your membership number
Unemployment or redundancy
Required evidence (include one of the following)
A letter on headed stationery from your company stating
redundancy notice and a P45 within the last 12 months.
- Jobseeker’s Allowance or an alternative.
- Bank statements for the last three months.
Low wages/semi-retired/career break
Required evidence
- A letter on headed stationery from your company stating
annual wage and wage slips for the last three months.
Ill-health for a 12-month minimum period
Required evidence
- A sickness/absence letter from a consultant, GP or your
Maternity/paternity/adoptive leave
Required evidence
- A
MAT B1 form and a letter on headed stationery from
your company stating maternity or paternity start and
end dates.
Retired (not working)
(please tick one box only)
with CPD without CPD
Required evidence
- A copy of your pension letter.
Reasons for concessionary application (please tick one box only). You must include the stated required evidence.
If you are joining as a new member, please include a membership application form.
Please sign this form and email to Please make sure you’ve included the required evidence.
Concessionary membership
application form
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