Concentration Declaration Form
All MBA students must declare an area of concentration. A minimum of three elective units in the
declared concentration area are required to complete a concentration. The Management
concentration is a self designed concentration and can be comprised of a mix of electives from
different functional areas. Students are encouraged to declare their concentration when they have
completed six units of their program.
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Declare a Concentration:
I wish to declare the following as my concentration:
Accounting Management
Expanded Accounting Marketing
Finance Social Change and Sustainability
Information Management & Business Analytics
Declare a Dual Concentration:
I wish to declare a dual concentration and understand that this will increase the number of
elective courses and units that I need to take in order to graduate.
First concentration:
Second concentration:
Change a Concentration:
I wish to change my current declared concentration to a different one.
Declared concentration:
Change declared concentration to:
*By typing my name, I recognize that this is equivalent to a written signature and I attest to the fact that the
information on this form is correct.
Please return this form to the Registrar’s Office in person or by email ( through
your Clark University email account.