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Western Dakota Technical College prepares students to be highly-skilled professionals through accessible, career-focused
programs to improve their lives, while adapting to community workforce needs and positively impacting our economy.
Name of Company: ____________________________ Contact: _____________________________
Phone: ______________________________________ Email: _______________________________
__________________________________ (Name of company) would like to participate in the Have Your Pick
program by sponsoring ______ (#) of students. We are interested in students in the following programs:
Computer-Aided Design, AAS
Computer Science, AAS
Construction Technology (2 semesters)
Diesel Technology, AAS
Drafting and Machining, AAS
Electrical Trades, AAS
Environmental Engineering, AAS
HVAC/Refrigeration, AAS
Industrial Maintenance, AAS
LPN, Diploma (3 semesters)
Medical Lab Technician, AAS
Paramedic, AAS
Plumbing, Diploma (2 semesters)
Precision Machining, Diploma (2 semesters)
RN, (3 semesters)
Surgical Technology, AAS
Welding & Fabrication, AAS & Diploma
Transportation Technology, AAS
______ We understand that sponsoring a student that has received the Build Dakota Scholarship will commit the
employer to fund half of the students’ tuition and fees ($8000 for AAS, $6,000 for LPN/RN, & $4000 for
Diploma (2 semesters programs). Sponsorship before April 15, 2021 guarantees the student a Build
Dakota Scholarship, provided the student meets the entrance criteria set by Western Dakota Tech.
______ We understand that payment will be invoiced at the beginning of the 1
semester of the student’s first year
in the program, after attendance and grades have been checked.
______ We understand that this form does not serve as a commitment from a student and does not guarantee the
employer a student match.
Western Dakota Tech acknowledges that this is not a binding agreement between the company and
Western Dakota Tech, but merely an intent to participate depending upon applicants. Western Dakota
Tech also states that a student is not guaranteed a Build Dakota Scholarship through the Have Your Pick
program without an Employment Agreement signed between the student and company by June 30, 2021.
If awarded a Build Dakota Scholarship, the student must be enrolled full-time in the program that the
scholarship was awarded, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and upon graduation work in the field of study for 3 years.
We recommend the Employment Agreement between the company and the student clearly define what is
a breach of contract, and the student’s responsibility for paying back the funds to the company if there is a
breach of contract.
_____________________________ ____________ _____________________________ ____________
Company Representative Date WDT Foundation Representative Date
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