Complete Withdrawal Form
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1. Complete withdrawals (withdrawal from ALL classes) may be eligible for partial tuition reimbursement. See
Academic Calendar for deadlines.
2. Partial Withdraws are required to be completed on Bridge. There are no refunds for partial withdrawals (i.e.
withdrawal from one or more, but not all classes).
3. Form must have all signatures before it will be processed.
4. A grade of W will be recorded on the students transcript.
5. Below full time (12 hours) may affect financial aid eligibility and dependent insurance coverage. Financial Aid
refunds will be based on the Last Day of Attendance submitted in Bridge by instructors.
6. This form, when completed, must be returned to the Welcome Desk before the deadline established in the academic
7. The Complete Withdrawal becomes official once the Registrar's Office processes the request.
I understand that by signing this form, I am withdrawing from the classes above. I have read the information on
the back of this form regarding refunds, and I understand this policy. I have been made aware of any
consequences of withdrawing and how it may affect my financial aid and registration status.
Full Name: Major:
Signatures must be obtained
in order listed. You may get
faculty or staff's approval via
e-mail. Print the e-mail and
attach the approval to this
updated 1/31/2018
Academic Difficulty
Other Reason (Please explain)
Financial Aid Signature:
Student Advocacy
Would you like someone from BRCTC to call and talk to with you concerning your withdraw?
Future Educational Plans (Choose One)
I plan to return to BRCTC I plan to transfer to another institution I no longer plan to attend college
Were you satisfied with your BRCTC experience?
What college services did you utilize?
Expected Grad Date:SID:
Are you receiving Veteran Benefits?
Student Services Signature:
Student Signature:
Financial Issues Family Responsibilities
Dissatisfied with classes Employment
Health Issues
Military Duties
Please select the reason(s) for your withdrawal below.
If yes, please provide best phone number and time to call:
Which Student Services should BRCTC consider adding?
What may have been done to prevent you from withdrawing?
Tutoring Computer Lab
IT Help Desk
BlackBoard Help Desk
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Students who withdraw in accordance with College procedures may receive a refund of tuition and fees in accordance with the schedules
outlined below. The refund calculation is based on the amount paid toward tuition and fees. There are no refunds on partial withdrawals.
Refunds are determined from the first day of the school term, which officially begins with orientation and registration days. The official
withdrawal date is certified by the Registrar. Refund checks are issued through the State Treasury and receipt of a refund may take up to
six weeks depending upon the date of withdrawal.
To get a 100% refund, you must DROP all classes by the end of the ADD/DROP period.
If one class is withdrawn after the ADD/DROP period ends, the amount is still due in full.
Regular Session
During first and second weeks 90%
During third and fourth weeks 75%
During fifth and sixth weeks 50%
Beginning with seventh week No Refund
Summer Session
During first and second class days 90%
During the third and fourth class days 75%
During fifth and sixth class days 50%
Beginning seventh class day No Refund
Defined as withdrawing from one or more classes, but not ALL classes for which a student is registered in a given semester including any
off campus classes such as Workforce Development credits. Partial Withdraws are completed on Bridge.
1. Go to Student Services
2. Registration
3. Add/Drop Classes
4. Choose the semester
5. Read the directions at the top of the page
6. Scroll down & under the Action Drop Down box, choose “Withdraw Online” for one or more of the courses but not all classes
7. Click Submit Changes
8. Once the page refreshes, you will see that you have successfully withdrawn from that course(s)
Defined as withdrawing from ALL classes for which a student is registered in a given semester including any off campus classes such as
Workforce Development credits. This form is used for all Complete Withdraws and all signatures are required.