Doc # 472815 Page 1 of 1 PS-04F
Solid / liquid fuel heating appliance
Supporting information for building consent application
Version: 5
Date: December 2019
Code: PS-04.1F
Project location:
Description of work:
Applicant checklist Site plan
Locate position of flue
Identify distance to neighbouring properties
Identify location of heater within building
Identify location of boiler within building
Identify location of liquid fuel storage tank
Applicant checklist The project installation of a solid fuel / liquid fuel heating appliance
Make: Model:
New Model: Second hand model (1):
Inbuilt: Free standing:
Fuel: Wood Multifuel Pellets Diesel
Liquid fuel storage tank specifications
Clean air certificate number (2):
Is this heater replacing an existing heater:
Make: Model:
Address of installer:
If installation includes a wetback state the craftsman plumber details:
Name: Address:
Advisory Notes for Solid Fuel Heaters
Environment Canterbury rules relating to solid fuel heaters require that only low emission wood burners or pellet fires
currently listed on the Environment Canterbury website be installed on any property smaller than 2 hectares.
Any enquires re solid fuel heaters and their emissions should be referred to: Environment Canterbury - Free Phone 0800
32 4636 -
Wet backs connected to Hot Water Cylinders and Heat Tempering Valves MUST BE Installed by Craftsman Plumber.
Council cannot assist with installation instructions.
Disclaimer: Advisory notes are issued on a no-liability basis. They are to assist customers to meet compliance.
1) Special additional conditions apply to 2nd Hand Solid/Liquid Fuel Heaters Refer to Building Advisory Officer for further
information & advice.
2) Refer to:
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