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I declare that all the information I provided above is true and describes the actual situation and that I take full responsibility if any
turns out to be fabricated. I also declare that the subject of the complaint is not currently taken to court. I pledge to claim no right of
taking any further measures in the case of reaching an agreement with the bank on the corrective measure with regards to the subject
of the complaint and the completion of performing this measure by the bank. I am also committed to making no complaint to the
Central Bank of Kuwait about the same topic.
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Complaints can be submitted in one of the following methods:
1- Putting the form in the box assigned for this purpose in the branch )Ahmad Tower, Al- Khaleej Street, East(
2- Posting the form, addressed to Head of Complaint Unit in the bank )Postal Address: P. O. Box 5248, Safaa 13053, Kuwait(
3- Emailing the form to
Complaints from clients will be responded to within 15 days at the latest from the date of receiving the complaint at the Client Complaint Unit.
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