Community / Tourism Grant Application
16345 Sixth St. | PO Box 2460 - La Pine, Or 97739 | ph. (541) 536-1432 |
The City of La Pine may provide community assistance grants to non-profits entities and organizations
that serve the La Pine community. Community entities and organi
zations that serve the La Pine
community will need to meet at least one of the following criteria to be eligible for a grant and
provide the necessary documentation:
Provides assistance for essential utilities, food, medical needs, clothing or shelter.
Provides educational
or recreational opportunities for children or seniors.
Generates/supports economic activity in La Pine.
In evaluating requests, the City will consider the following criteria:
The requesting organization's history of success.
The organizational and financial stability of the requesting organization.
The number and types of community members served by the request.
The ability to measure and track the effectiveness of the project or service.
Grant funds will not be used for travel, budget deficits or for routine operating expenses.
1. Organizatio
n: ______________________________________________________________________
2. Non-Profit ID #: ____________________________________________________________________
3. Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________
4. Telephone No.: _____________________________________________________________________
5. Email: ____________________________________________________________________________
6. Contact Person: ____________________________________________________________________
7. Requested Amount: _________________________________________________________________
Return completed a
pplications and letters to:
City of La Pine
Attn: Recorder
16345 Sixth Street
P. O. Box 2460
La Pine, OR 97739
For additional information, please contact City Recorder Tracy Read at 541-536-1432 or
Project/Use for Funds: _______________________________________________________________
Attach a letter explaining how the funds will be used, how the criteria will be met, and any other
information relevant to the request.
First, please designate whether this grant will be used to generate or support Tourism. If yes, see pg. 3 for
additional steps/information required. We also require a budget sheet for either type of grant submission, see pg. 2.
Please type or print clearly:
Standard Community Grant Submission
Tourism Grant TRT Fund
Budget Spreadsheet
Name of Event:
Income Estimated Actual Expenses Estimated Actual
Estimated Actual
Net Profit (Loss)
Event Proceeds (entry fees, ticket sales, etc.)
Extra Sales (auction, raffle, misc. sales)
Site/Decorations (equipment, balloons, food, etc.)
Other Expenses
Overall Budget
1. Demonstrate how the proposed tourism-related project, event or activity will be focused on
tourists (as defined under ORS 320.300(10)).
2. Demonstrate how the organization will use TRT funds for one or more of the following
purposes: (i) advertising, publicizing or distributing information for the purpose of attracting and
welcoming tourists; (ii) conducting strategic planning and research necessary to stimulate future tourism
development; (iii) marketing special events and festivals designed to attract tourists; (iv) operating a
tourism promotion agency (as defined under ORS 320.300(8)); and/or (v) developing, constructing or
operating a tourism-related facility (as defined under ORS 320.300(9)).
3. Demonstrate how the proposed tourism-related project, event or activity will promote local
tourism and describe the beneficial results for the City of La Pine, including, but not limited to, any or all of
the elements: (i) increase in tourist dollars spent in the City of La Pine; (ii) increase in overnight stays in
hotels, motels, RV parks, inns, Bed and Breakfast establishments and other accommodations subject to the
transient room tax and located within the City of La Pine; (iii) increase in tourist visits to business
establishments within the City of La Pine; (iv) increase in publicity about the City of La Pine as a tourist
destination; and (v) other primary or secondary benefits of increased tourism in the City of La Pine or the
surrounding local area.
4. Demonstrate how the applicant organization does or plans to comply with all applicable
local, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations relating to the organization and their proposed
project, event, or tourism activities.
Tourism / Community Grant Applications may be submitted to the City of La Pine by any non-profit
Applications may be mailed or delivered to La Pine City Hall and must be received by the City no later than
June 30th, of each year. Postmarks will be accepted.
The City of La Pine City Council will review all applications, schedule proposal presentations, and conduct
site visits, as appropriate. The City Council will then discuss the various proposals and based on budgetary
restrictions fund the projects it deems most advantageous to the city as a whole. The City of La Pine adopts
it's new budget in June of each year and can only award as much as budgeted, which can vary, from year to
If you have any questions about the application materials, time lines or application process, please contact
the La Pine City Recorder, Tracy Read at 541-536-1432.