The City of Eloy
Community Event Grant Program
Year 2020-21
The Post Event Report is due 30 days following your event or May 31
, whichever is earlier.
Event producer/applicants are to provide a Post Event Report as identified in the Community
Event Grant Program Details and Application.
Invoice Instructions:
Event producers/applicants are to provide a final invoice (as identified in the community event
grant program details and application) along with the post event report. Please submit with the
following required documentation attached:
Third party invoices of items outlined (Approved Use of Funds) on funding application for
use of city funds
Cancelled check(s) or credit card statements showing payment of above mentioned
Questions, Post-Event Report and Invoices should be submitted to:
City of Eloy, Administration
Attention: Jillian M. Childress
595 North C St. Ste. 104, Eloy, AZ 85131
Phone: 520-466-9201
Community Event Post Event Report
Post-Event Submit Date __________________________________________________________
Event Name _______________________________________ Event Date(s) ________________
Total Event Expense ______________________
Total Event Revenue _____________________
Total Marketing Expense __________________
Attendance Tracking Method (include supporting documentation, such as but not limited to,
venue records, attendance logs, receipts, and/or survey data)
List all use(s) of city funds for the following:
Event Marketing, promotion or advertising: Please indicate how any funding was used to
advertise the event and to attract event attendees. Please include detail of expenditures and
proof of payment(s)
Direct event production costs
Contracted entertainment
Catering (not including alcohol and from an approved list of venders)
Space rental
City of Eloy In Kind Services (staff for traffic control and refuse)
Describe the event’s experience with any City-owned and/or operated facilities utilized with
attention to problems and opportunities as it relates to the physical facilities and operations.
Describe any additional information that might be useful in understanding the event’s benefit to
Eloy and its residents.
Was there an event program? Yes No
If yes, submit a copy of the page showing advertisement promoting the City of Eloy.
Did your event website have a prominent link to the City of Eloy 30 days prior to event?
Yes No
If yes, please include the hyperlink to the webpage.