Office of Student Activities
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Submit this form to the Office of Student Activities at least two (2) weeks prior to the planned
date of activity/event.
Name of Organization/Business:
Name of Representative:
(Name of Owner, Officer, Authorized Agent)
Telephone Number:
Alternate Date/s:
Start Time:
End Time:
No. of Tables:
No. of Chairs:
Type of merchandise to be sold:
Vendor Fee: $75.00 per day
Total number of days:
Total Amount Paid:
Receipt No.
Vendor/Representative has read the Terms of Contract stated at the back and agrees to abide by
these terms:
Vendor Representative: (Print Name) Signature: Date:
Approved by Student Activities Staff: Date:
Approved by Director of Student Development: Date:
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1) Commercial Vendor Request shall be submitted to the Director of Student Activities for review and approval.
Request must be made two (2) weeks in advance. The cost per day is $75 per day (payment due in advance with the
signed contract).
2) The vendor must produce a receipt for each sale and a receipt must be given to each customer.
3) The vendor must provide a copy of proper license and State Board of Equalization Resale Tax number. All taxes shall
be included in the price of the merchandise.
4) No contract shall be granted for more than four (4) days per month.
5) No vendor shall sell Southwestern College or Jaguar logo merchandise.
6) No vendor shall sell items that are sold on campus by exclusive contract with other vendors.
7) Any vendor using District facilities under this contract, shall hold harmless to the School District, its Governing
Board, the individual members, thereof, and all District employees or agents from any loss, damage, liability, cost or
expense, that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use of school facilities.
8) Our policy for all representatives of business is that students must be able to pass without vendor interference.
Vendors cannot solicit on other parts of the campus. The individual/organization must stay behind the assigned
table; refrain from physically approaching students and/or harassing them.
9) Items promoting or depicting the use of illegal drugs or alcohol will not be permitted.
10) Any items or materials which express or advocate racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual prejudice will not be permitted.
11) Tattooing and piercing services are prohibited.
12) Rescheduling a commercial vending event requires five (5) business days advance notice.
13) To receive a full refund, the Office of Student Activities must be notified no less than five (5) business days prior to
the date of commercial vending event.
14) Items not allowed to be vended on campus, under any circumstances, include alcohol, drugs, firearms, or any other
item not allowed on the college campus by College/District policy and/or state and/or federal law.
15) Although SWC wishes to encourage and allow most types of products and services, SWC does, at its sole discretion,
reserve the right to refuse a vendor if, for any reason, SWC feels that the product, service, or conduct of the vendor
is not in the best interest of the students of SWC. Such determination will be made by the Director of Student
Development, or his or her designee, in consultation with the Dean of Student Services, or his or her designee.