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Fayette County Stormwater Management Department
140 Stonewall Avenue West, Suite 203, Fayetteville, GA 30214
Commercial Site Plan Checklist
(Amended 6/2009)
Site Plans must be prepared by an engineer or architect registered by the State of Georgia.
Items marked with (*) are missing or deficient
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1. Provide name and location of the development (including land lot and
district). Include Subdivision name on recorded plat as applicable.
2. Provide name, address, and telephone number of developer/owner and
3. Provide name, address, telephone number, and professional seal of
person preparing plan.
4. Show locations and dimensions of all existing and proposed structures
(principal and accessory).
5. Delineate FEMA 100-year floodplain and identify source used for
delineation. Reference the correct September 26, 2008 FIRM Panel.
The MFFE must be at least 3.0 ft above the 100-year elevation.
6. Delineate all watershed protection buffers and setbacks outlines in the
Development Regulations, Section VII, Watershed Protection
Ordinance. A minimum of 1.0 acre or 50% of the minimum lot size,
whichever is greater must be out of the building setbacks.
7. Rights-of-way dedication (as needed), pavement edges, centerlines of
roadways, and all easements.
8. Show distances between buildings.
9. Show number of stories, square footage per unit size, number of units
per unit size and total number of units.
10. Show exit(s)/entrance(s) and internal circulation pattern include traffic
lanes, fire lanes, acceleration/deceleration lanes and all dimensions.
Indicate all non-residential drives and street intersections within 500’ of
proposed curb cut (both sides of the road).
11. Show parking layout, including handicapped parking and landscaping.
Indicate how number of spaces was determined. (Article 8 of
Development Regulations).
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Plan Included
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12. Provide Tree Protection Plan. (Article 6 of Development Regulations).
13. Show required landscape areas, buffers, and screening. (Article 5 of
Development Regulations)
14. Show off-street loading and screening. (Article 8 of Development
15. Provide location of refuse collection area(s) and any outside storage
and/or service areas, and how such refuse and storage areas will be
16. Delineate drainage basins across the site. Show offsite drainage areas
for both previous and post developed conditions. Include drainage
areas, CN values, and Tc estimates.
17. Provide Stormwater Management Plan.
18. Identify the project receiving waters and describe adjacent areas –
neighboring areas such as streams, lakes, residential areas, etc., which
might be affected.
19. Show water and sanitary sewer lines, and fire hydrants.
20. For septic systems, provide location on-site with footprint of system and
all pipes that are to be part of system. Note approval from health
department required.
21. Provide construction details or standards for drainage structures.
22. Is project in Groundwater Recharge Area?
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (Items under this section must be on the E&SC plan):
23. Attach and complete copy of the appropriate GSWCC E&SC checklist.
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* This checklist is to serve as a minimum guideline for plan submittal. Please refer to all
Federal, State, County, and Professional Organizations ordinances, regulations, and
standards that apply to the development plans you are submitting for further guidance.
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