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Applicants are required to complete the Commencement Form and return to Enrollment
Management. The student’s presence at graduation is expected and desired.
Student Legal Name:
Your name will appear on your
degree/diploma/certificate and in the graduation
program as recorded in your official student record at
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Multiple Programs May be submitted on 1 Form
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Important- Read Before Signing: Students hereby understand that approval of this intent to graduate form, and/or participating in
the graduation commencement ceremony, does not guarantee they will be conferred with the requested degree, diploma, or
certificate. Per HCC Procedure, conferral of a credential from HCC will only take place after the end of the student’s last
semester when all program requirements for graduation have been completed. If a student fails to meet the requirements by the
conferral date for that semester, they will need to follow the steps to re-apply for graduation during the next semester.
Degrees, diplomas, and certificates will be available upon verification of final grades. All fines due to the College must be paid in full
before degrees/diplomas/certificates are released.
Transcripts: If you require a transcript to be sent to another institution, you will need to complete either an online request or a
transcript request form. Both can be found on the HCC web-site at www.haywood.edu, “Current Students” and choose “transcripts”.
No transcripts will be released for those students who are indebted to the college.
Honors are awarded on Associate and Diploma credentials only. Honors listed in the graduation program are determined by the
cumulative GPA at the end of fall semester; however, honors awarded on your transcript are based on your GPA from your final
completed semester.
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Revised 04/29/20
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Please refer to the HCC web-site at
for graduation dates and times. Please contact the Bookstore regarding costs for
required black cap and gown, accessories, and tassel.
Submit completed form to enrollment@haywood.edu
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