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Proposal for Independent Study
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The guidelines and eligibility requirements for enrollment in an Independent Study are found in the
College of the Atlantic Course Catalog
Attach the typed text of your proposal to this cover sheet, secure all signatures, and file with the
Registrar’s Office by the end of the Add/Drop period for that term. It is important that you register
for an independent study as you would for any course.
A proposal for independent study will be considered approved when all the signatures on this form are complete
and the proposal narrative is filed with the Registrar’s Office. A signed proposal constitutes an agreement
between a student and a study director of work to be undertaken to earn one College of the Atlantic (COA) credit.
The student and the study director may negotiate changes in this plan as the term progresses.
All proposals must document 150 academically engaged hours (per credit). Therefore time logs must
be kept and will be reviewed (mid-term, and at the termination of the project) by the project director.
Academically engaged time includes such activities as: attendance at individual meetings with the director,
completion of reading assignments, dialogue sessions, studio work, laboratory time, problem sets, library
research, field log, and the synthesis of this scholarly work, studio work, laboratory and/or field research through
short essays, problem sets, writing assignments, reading responses and the creation of and/or reporting on a
final project research paper, creative work, reportage of findings.
In form and content, a proposal consists of: purpose and goals for learning; methodology; bibliographic and
other resources; timetable;
background/current level of competence; anticipated level of competence at end of
study; final product; criteria for evaluation: how new skill/knowledge will be measured; and documentation of
academically engaged hours.
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) regarding space needs associated with this project.
*If the Study Director is not a member of the regular full- or part-time COA teaching faculty
1. Attach credentials/resume, including full mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
2. Signature of the faculty sponsor below, endorsing the qualifications of the non-COA Study Director.
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