College of Southern IdahoTesting Center
CONFIRMATION # ___________________ Proctor Sheet
Office use only
Please Note: Each instructor is responsible for supplying the copies required for each test. The instructor’s name and class are
on all tests. Please inform your students of the following testing policies:
NO CSI tests will be given without a CSI ID
. Other tests photo
identification, and NO tests will be given out any later than one hour prior to when the testing center closes.
Instructor Name:
Course Name:
Course Number:
Test Name:
Section Number(s):
Open Date:
Close Date:
# of Tests on File:
# Expected to Test:
Standard testing procedure is as follows: No books or multiple page notes will be allowed in the testing room and testing center will not
time tests. Please check all items below that apply to your test:
Use Answer Sheet or Scantron
Student may write on test
Student may use calculator
Graphing Clear Calc
Student may be given
scratch paper - Attach
File for pickup
Student may have one page of notes Specify Size
one side
front & back
Computer Testing Program
Approximate time to complete test:
Special Instructions:
Name of person(s) authorized to pick up the tests
(Individuals whose names are not listed will NOT be allowed to take
possession of the tests):
Complete _________________
Blank __________________
Picked Up __________________
Total __________________
Processed _______ Date _________