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Jenzabar EX Catalog.doc Rev 07/21/2004
College of Southern Idaho JENZABAR EX CATALOG
This form may only be used for courses not requiring Curriculum Committee approval (Community Ed, Short Term
Training courses, and other courses being run one term only). If your course requires Curriculum Committee approval,
use the Curriculum Committee Proposal with TEAMS Elite Catalog form. If you want to run the course one term (its first
term) while submitting it to the Curriculum Committee, use the Curriculum Committee form, make a copy, attach a note
explaining what you are doing, get appropriate signatures, and submit to Records Office.
Type of Course: Community Ed Short Term Training One term only
Purpose of Submission: Owned by School/Organization:
Create new course BSU 130294 BU LSCS 130304 LC
Course change * CSI *LOCAL CS NNC 130311 NC
Course retirement ISU 130301 IU UofI 130317 UI
Course Number: Discipline (4 char) Number (3-5 char) Current Course:
Course Title:
Long (35 char max):
Short (15 char max):
Current Title:
Chg Chg Chg
Credit Hours: Repeatable: Enrollment Defaults:
Default credit hours: Fixed: Yes: Max Cr Hrs: Maximum:
Current credit hours: Variable: No: Minimum:
Use only if the course may be repeated and the credits
accumulated. The catalog description must so state.
Catalog Description:
Chg Instructional Method: Chg Grade Type:
EX-Exam LB-Lab LT-Letter
CC-Coop/Clinical LC-Lecture PF-Pass/Fail
IN-Independent Study/Correspondence/Video Tape IT-Internet/Computer Network NG-Not Graded