College of San Mateo
Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Mutual Responsibility Contract
I am applying to receive EOPS support services such as counseling, tutoring, priority registration, assistance with
textbooks and transportation, transfer services and more. As an EOPS student accepting these support services, I
agree to (read and initial each statement in space provided):
____ Attend a Mandatory EOPS New Student Orientation and:
____ 1. Maintain satisfactory progress towards earning at least one of the following educational goal(s):
Initial Certificate, Associate Degree, and/or Transfer requirements:
1.1 Complete a minimum of 12 units each semester; unless approved for less than 12 units.
1.2 Maintain a minimum 2.00 semester and cumulative grade point average (a “C” average).
1.3 Follow my Student Educational Plan (SEP) which is developed and/or revised with my assigned counselor.
____ 2. Complete the COUN 111: College Planning course or an approved substitute course - no later than my
Initial second semester in the EOPS program; earning a passing grade (i.e. - Pass/“C” grade or better).
____ 3. Complete semester (class) enrollment on EOPS Priority Registration day.
____ 4. Complete monthly Academic Progress Reports (APR) to assess my academic progress in each course enrolled.
____ Meet with my EOPS Counselor three times each semester (within specific timelines) for academic counseling,
Initial monitoring, and evaluation:
Inform my EOPS counselor when I am experiencing any difficulties which may affect my academic progress.
Authorize my EOPS counselor to contact my instructors for a report of my academic progress.
Notify my EOPS counselor when adding or dropping classes; and before terminating my attendance.
Attend EOPS sponsored workshops and meet with a tutor as needed to assist with my coursework and progress.
____ My EOPS eligibility is limited to 70-degree applicable units.
__ Apply for state California College Promise Grant (CCPG) and/or CA Dream Act or federal (FAFSA) financial aid each
Initial year.
Additional Information:
Agree to check my college email account ( frequently.
Inform EOPS of name, address, or telephone number changes; and update my WebSMART student records account.
My academic achievements (ex: dean’s list, scholarship, degree) may be recognized in the EOPS newsletter and related
Initial written materials. (See EOPS staff if you do not want to be recognized)
I understand that acceptance of EOPS support services means I will comply with this contract. My continuing eligibility will be
determined based on my compliance with this contract. My failure to comply will result in being placed on warning status and possible
dismissal from EOPS. If I am placed on warning status, all EOPS support services may be reduced and I may be required to satisfy
additional program requirements. If I am dismissed from EOPS, I must remain out for two-semesters before reapplying to EOPS.
________________________________________ _____________________________________/__________
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The EOPS staff agrees to provide the above identified support services to assist you to reach your educational goal(s).
EOPS Coordinator/Counselor Date
Rev 07/2020
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