College of Graduate and Professional Studies
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, Indiana
I. Information for the Professor:
The graduate student named in Section II is petitioning the College of Graduate and Professional Studies for
permission to count an out-of-date course toward his/her graduate degree program. (or will be by the student's
anticipated program completion date).
In order for the Graduate Student Appeals Committee to consider a student's petition for time extension,
arrangements must be in place for confirming that the student's present knowledge of the subject matter is
comparable to that of students currently completing the course satisfactorily. Therefore, it is important that an
Indiana State University professor who is familiar with the current course content participates in the validation
process. An appropriate validation plan should be presented in detail in Section III. See the
Policy on Course
Currency Appeals
(on next page) for more details. Please sign Section IV to indicate your approval of the plan
and your willingness to evaluate the student as proposed in the plan.
This validation proposal will become part of the student's petition. If the petition is approved, a copy of the
proposal will be returned to you.
Please do not sign Section V until the student has demonstrated current
knowledge of the course work prescribed in the proposal.
After you have signed Section V of this form
return the form to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. Thank you for assisting in this validation
II. Student/Course Identification:
Student Name ____________________________________
Degree Program __________________________________
Course ____________________________________ Grade ________ Date Completed ___________
Course Instructor ____________________________
III. Validation Proposal:
List exactly what the student needs to do and explain how the evaluation will be done.
Attach a separate page if more space is needed).
IV. Approval of Proposal:
The validation plan in Section III is acceptable to me, and I agree to evaluate the student's
knowledge of current content as proposed.
Signature: ___________________________ Date __________________
Title of Course Validation Professor: ____________________________
V. Completion of Validation:
The student has demonstrated knowledge of course content commensurate with that of
students currently completing the course.
Signature: ____________________________ Date __________________
Title of Course Validation Professor: ______________________________
Revised 4/2005
Student ID __________________________________
Policy on Course Currency Appeals
Graduate Appeals Committee
Indiana State University
Effective April 20, 2005
A common graduate student appeals request centers on issues of course currency. One type centers on
“out of date” courses and captures circumstances where courses taken prior to admission to a particular ISU
graduate program or while in an ISU graduate program exceed stated time limitations (i.e., 7 years for master’s
degrees; 8 years for educational specialist degrees; 9 years for doctoral degrees). The second course currency
circumstance centers on restrictions on if or how many courses can be counted toward an ISU graduate degree
program if they were taken as an unclassified student or as part-of a non-degree program. The latter is typical
of students seeking to meet state or professional association licensure requirements.
The Graduate Appeals Committee seeks to consider and to balance each student’s unique circumstance,
a department’s appropriate level of autonomy in making judgments about course currency in their own areas,
and the Committee’s responsibilities to preserve and to protect the integrity of ISU’s academic processes and
policies. The Committee expects course currency appeals to show clear evidence that a department has
evaluated the merits of an appeal and if supporting such a request, has prepared a course validation
that shows how evidence of currency will be documented using one or more of the following, or closely related,
1. Passing an examination specifically on the material or requisite subset of the material covered by a given
2. Passing a more advanced course in the same subject area that clearly utilizes and builds upon the work
of the lower level course.
3. Passing a comprehensive examination in which the student demonstrates substantial knowledge of the
content of a course.
4. Teaching the given course or one that is closely and documentably comparable.
5. Publishing scholarly research demonstrating substantial knowledge of the course content.
6. Completion of an independent study or project(s) to address a particular deficiency.
7. Professional development activities and/or professional experiences that are documented by evidence
such as samples of work related projects relevant to course content with an explanation for how they are
applied “on the job”.
Although students are ultimately responsible for advancing a petition for course currency, departments
that support an appeal are expected to assist a student in preparing his/her appeal so as to maximize the chances
that it will receive a fair and complete hearing and not unnecessarily be drawn out through a process of revision
and resubmission of appeals. Appeals are also designed to address minor exceptions to stated policy for unique
circumstances. Where a policy change request may be needed (e.g., repeated exception requests from a given
department, requests made for many rather than one or a few course validations), the Graduate Appeals
Committee will advise a department to pursue a change in policy.