College of DuPage
Office of Student Financial Assistance Request to Amend SAP Appeal
Student Name: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________________
ID: ________________ Program of Study: __________________________ 3 + 1 Student (circle one) YES NO
My appeal was already approved by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee and I wish to amend the
Educational Plan for the following reason(s):
My appeal has expired and I want to extend it.
I have updated my program of study and need to update the classes on my plan.
My program of study remains the same, but I need to update the classes on my plan.
Other (please explain):
Steps for developing the Educational Plan:
Print a Degree Audit from your myAccess account for your intended degree or certificate to use as
you complete the following:
o Develop an Educational Plan for the next two semesters for your degree or certificate, which
details the required courses needed. Subsequent follow up may be required annually.
Schedule a time to meet with a Counselor
o Meet with a Counselor to review your plan by going to the Counseling & Advising Services
Office SSC 3200 to arrange a time to meet. Remember to bring your printed Degree Audit
and a draft of your Educational Plan with you when you meet with your Counselor.
o If the Educational Plan is determined to fulfill requirements for the next two semesters, the
Counselor needs to sign the plan for you to submit to Student Financial Assistance with this
o Please be aware, only classes required for your program at College of DuPage can be
considered for the appeal.
College of DuPage, Office of Student Financial Assistance SSC 2220
425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
FAX: (630) 942-2151 EMAIL:
Revised 8/2016
Counseling and Advising
Educational Plan Development
ØPlease READ all directions carefully as you must follow all steps.
ØPlease complete this form thoroughly and neatly as it will be submitted for review by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee.
1. Run your Degree Audit. This is found in your myACCESS account, main menu.
a. Confirm that you have the correct degree or certificate program(s) listed as an Active Program in your myACCESS profile.
b. Review and understand the “Statuses” on the first page of the audit (about midway down the first page). This will help you better
understand what the audit is telling you about the courses you completed and how they fit into the program.
c. Review the video for additional help on understanding your audit. It is available on the Counseling website.
2. Make a list of non-completed requirements for your degree or certificate using your Degree Audit.
a. After you review your audit, list those courses you still need to take to complete your degree or certificate.
b. You might find it helpful to list those courses (in the margins of your audit) or on a separate piece of paper to help you visualize and
create a plan over the expected time frame to complete them.
3. If needed, identify courses you would like to repeat. Add these to your list.
a. If you wish to repeat any D or F courses to help improve your cumulative grade point average, list those in your Educational Plan.
b. Include these repeated courses in your appeal letter.
4. Carefully review course descriptions and prerequisites.
a. Review the course descriptions of the courses you chose in the College Catalog (online or hard copy) or Class Schedule to confirm that
you completed all prerequisites.
b. If you have not completed all prerequisites, include those courses in your list of non-completed requirements indicating that they are
prerequisites to courses that you need to complete.
5. Confirm that all pre-testing and/or submission of ACT scores have been completed.
a. If your pre-test results indicate that developmental classes need to be taken, include those courses on your list of required courses.
b. Any required developmental courses (in Reading, English, and Math) should be included in your Educational Plan.
c. All pre-testing and ACT scores need to be taken/submitted to the Testing Office in the Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2405 prior
to submission of your Educational Plan or send them to with your name and COD ID number.
6. Begin assembling your educational plan.
a. Print your name, COD student ID number, the term for which you are requesting your appeal from the college, and the name and
program code of the associate degree or certificate you plan to earn at COD. Use the following link to obtain the name and code.
b. Once you have compiled your list of all courses, determine the ones you wish to take over the next two terms and enter them into the
appropriate “Semester” boxes contained on the Student Educational Plan form using the following steps.
1. Enter the course prefix and number (ex. English 1102) in the left two columns and the credit hours (ex. 3) in the right column.
2. When specific courses are required, such as English 1101, 1102, Speech 1100, 1120, 1150, list the exact course prefix
and number.
3. When your major/field of study allows several choice selections within a group or category, (example: Life Science, Math,
Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social/Behavioral, or Electives, simply list them in this way (example: Social/Behavioral Gen. Ed.
Requirement – 3 hours; Electives – 3 credits and so on).
c. Use the form on the following page.
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Educational Plan Development
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Student 7-digit I.D.: Date: _____________________________________________
Term: Total Hours:
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Counseling and Advising