College Credit Plus Consent form
Effective Summer 2020, Autumn 2020, and Spring 2021
This form must be completed, signed, and returned to prior to course registration. Note: Incomplete forms
will not be processed
Revised 4/2020
Name (First, Middle, Last) ____________________________________________________________________________
Cougar ID number _____________________________________ Date of Birth __________________________________
High School ______________________________________________ Anticipated HS graduation year _______________
I understand that:
1. Students are enrolling in college level courses. These courses become part of the student’s permanent academic
record, including both the high school and college transcripts and GPAs. Courses taken for high school
graduation credit may impact a student’s ability to graduate high school.
2. Students who fail and/or withdraw from course(s) after the 14
day of the semester may be billed by their
school district for all tuition and fees associated with those courses. A student may withdraw from a class prior
to the college’s withdrawal date and receive a “W” on the college transcript, which will not affect the college
GPA. Students who wish to drop a college class should consult with their school counselor and Columbus State
Community College academic advisor before doing so.
3. Students may not register for more hours than indicated by the school counselor/principal, in alignment with
State regulations. If a student registers for more hours than allotted, they will be considered self-pay and will be
billed by Columbus State Community College for all tuition and fees associated with those courses. Unpaid
balances may be referred to the Attorney General’s office for collection.
4. Male students who turn 18 after completing an admissions application are required to provide the Selective
Service number within 30 days of his 18th birthday to the Records and Registration Department. If he does not
submit his Selective Service number, the student will be billed a surcharge equivalent to the nonresident tuition
rates. This surcharge will be billed until the Selective Service number is provided.
5. Parents should never contact instructors regarding student progress, attendance, assignments, etc. All
communication regarding the student must be handled through the College Credit Plus Office and/or the school
counselor in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
6. Parents are not permitted to attend courses with students unless the parent is registered for the course as a
paying student.
7. If the student is taking course(s) on a CSCC campus or Regional Learning Center, the student may be in class with
adults who come from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and criminal histories. Students may be required to
interact with classmates on group work/projects inside and outside the classroom.
8. Course subject matter may include mature themes and materials and will not be modified based upon College
Credit Plus student participation.
9. If the student has a documented disability, it is the student’s responsibility to request necessary
accommodations through the college’s Office of Disability Services.
10. Completion of this consent form does not guarantee admission to a specific program or course. To add courses,
students must meet course placement and/or prerequisites and submit a registration form.
dent signature: _______________________________________________________________ Date______________
ent signature: ________________________________________________________________ Date ______________
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