College Cost Estimator
Please note that tuition, fees, and additional costs are subject to change
$ ________ PA In-State Tuition (Based on 2018-19 tuition) Out-of-State Tuition (Based on 2018-19 tuition)
Arts & Sciences - $12,940 Arts & Sciences - $24,184
Engineering - $15,000 Engineering - $28,600
Respiratory Care -
$13,838 Respiratory Care - $25,846
Nursing - $16,578 Nursing - $30,838
+ ________ Fees (Based on 18-19 fees)
+ ________ Estimated Housing Costs (If living on-campus or in an off-campus apartment)
+ ________ Estimated Meal Plan Costs (If contracting a meal plan)
Total ESTIMATED costs for Tuition & fees (books not included)
Subtract financial aid – grants, loans, etc. – DO NOT subtract Federal work-study as this is not guaranteed employment
nor is it deducted from your bill.
-________ Federal Grants (Pell, SEOG)
-________ PHEAA State Grant
-________ Institutional Scholarships
-________ Miscellaneous outside grants/scholarships (OVR, Kiwanis, etc.)
-________ Tuition Benefit
Total ESTIMATED out-of-pocket costs
-_________ Subtract Federal loan awards (Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized)
Final ESTIMATED out-of-pocket costs
(additional funding available through Direct PLUS Loan, Alternative Loan or
opting into the Pitt Payment Plan)
** These are estimated actual costs that the student may incur for the year. Books are not included. **
The Cost of Attendance (COA) on the Financial Aid Fact Sheet is the figure used to determine
how much additional loan money the student is able to borrow.
(COA financial aid resources = loan funds able to be certified by the Financial Aid Office)
For any additional Financial Aid questions, please contact our
Financial Aid Office at (814) 269-7045 or by email at
$ 936
$ 936
$ 0
(The amount entered will change to account for loan orgination fees.)
$ 936