‘How the Common Core Works’ Series © 201 Jim Wright www.interventioncentral.org
Step 1: Goal Before Reading: I look at title, headings, and illustrations of the passage and ASK myself:
What is the main topic of the passage? What does it discuss?
What information do I already know about this topic?
Based on the title, what are two questions about this passage's topic that I would like to have answered in my
ASK-READ-TELL (ART): Student Worksheet (McCallum et al., 2010)
Name: Passage/Page Title: Date:
Directions: Use the checklist below to guide your reading of this passage. Check off each step when completed.
Step 2: Goal While Reading: I READ the passage carefully for full understanding:
While reading, I stop after each paragraph to ask, "Did I understand what I just read?"
If I do understand the paragraph, I mark it with a plus sign (+) and continue reading.
If I do not understand the paragraph, I mark it with a minus (-) sign and:
- reread the paragraph;
- slow my reading;
- focus my full attention on what I am reading;
- underline any words that I do not know and try to figure them out from the reading (context).
Step 3: Goal After Reading: I TELL what I learned from the passage:
Based on my reading, here are answers to my two questions from Step 1:
When I meet with my peer partner, we TELL each other what we learned from the passage, sharing our
questions and answers. Then we talk about any other interesting information from the reading.