1 Your details
Full name:
Date of birth: DD / MM / YY
Your current address (This is the address to which the completed
application will be returned)
Post code:
Telephone number (If we have a query regarding your application we
may phone you on this number between 9am-5pm week days only)
Land Registry
Updating registered owners’ contact address
ou, the applicant must be one of the registered owners of the property whose address is being updated or act for
them. If you are making an application on behalf of a registered owner, the registered owner is required to sign
section 4 unless you also lodge evidence of your authority to act for them, such as a power of attorney or court
order, in which case you must sign section 4. In all cases you, as the applicant, must sign section 5.
This form is only applicable to update the address of the registered owner(s).
t is not possible to update the address of a deceased owner.
Page 1 of 4 COG1 (revised 02/15)
Please return this form to:
Citizen Centre
PO Box 6350
Land Registry may share, check
and verify the information you are
providing with:
other government
departments and agencies
law enforcement agencies
other relevant organisations
and bodies and access
information relating to you
from the databases of the
organisations and bodies
mentioned above, for
verification purposes.
By providing the information
requested in this form you will be
indicating your agreement to Land
Registry processing your
information in this way.
If you would like further
information on this privacy policy
please email
If you dishonestly enter information or
make a statement that you know is, or
might be, untrue or misleading, and intend
by doing so to make a gain for yourself or
another person, or to cause loss or the risk
of loss to another person, you may commit
the offence of fraud under section 1 of the
Fraud Act 2006, the maximum penalty for
which is 10 years’ imprisonment or an
unlimited fine, or both.
Is this form open to public inspection?
The form is open to inspection except for
identity evidence, including the date of birth
and photograph, which are exempted from
public inspection by rule 133 of the Land
Registration Rules 2003.
Affix a passport style photograph that is less
than 3 months old in the box provided.
The photograph must be:
in full colour
show your full face, and
be printed on photographic paper – not
ordinary paper.
Scanned images and photocopies are
not acceptable.
If you need help or further information completing the form please call 0300 006 0411.
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Please list all the addresses you have lived at in the last 5 years together with the dates, starting with your
current address.
Address Post code From To
2 Property
State the full address and post code of the property that you wish to update. If you wish to update your address
on more than one property, please attach a separate sheet.
Post code
Note: If the property does not have a full postal address and post code (e.g. “land at …”) please provide the title
number to enable us to identify the land.
Title number:
3 Evidence of your identity
Private individuals:
I enclose:
a copy of one document from List A
copies of two documents from List B but no more than one of each type.
Do not send originals
List A
Passport biodata page (the page with your photo on)
Current UK, EU, Isle of Man or Channel Islands Photocard driving licence (not a provisional licence)
(Any documents not in English or Welsh must be accompanied by a verified translation)
List B
These must relate to the property in section 2. However if you are applying on behalf of someone else, such as a
relative, you will need to supply this information for yourself i.e. they must show your name and your address.
Documents must be those you have received in the post rather than electronically.
Utility bill less than three months old (internet bills are not acceptable)
Council tax bill for current year
Mortgage statement for last completed year
Corporate bodies:
I enclose a fully completed and verified form ID2 together with this form which must be completed by
the company’s representative.
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4 The addresses that you wish to be entered on the register
List (in any order) all the registered owners of the property detailed in section 2 who are applying to
change/confirm their address for service and give the addresses that they would like us to send correspondence to.
All registered owners wishing to update their contact details must complete and sign
against their address.
You may have up to three addresses for each registered owner. One must be a postal address, but it doesn’t
have to be in the UK. You may also include email addresses. Please write clearly.
You cannot enter a telephone number on the register.
If you are applying on behalf of a corporate body, this should be completed with the corporate body’s name
and new contact details and be signed by the corporate body’s representative.
I/We authorise Land Registry to check the register and if necessary, update it to show the following addresses.
Please note:
1 All existing contact details will be removed and replaced with the information provided in this section.
2 The register is open to public inspection.
3 If you apply to change your contact details we will send a letter to your old address to check that the
application is genuine. This is a measure we take to safeguard against fraud.
Registered owner 1
Full name in capitals:
First contact address:
Post code:
Second contact address:
Post code:
Third contact address:
Post code:
Signature: Please sign here
Registered owner 2
Full name in capitals:
First contact address:
Post code:
Second contact address:
Post code:
Third contact address:
Post code:
Signature: Please sign here
Registered owner 3
Full name in capitals:
First contact address:
Post code:
Second contact address:
Post code:
Third contact address:
Post code:
Signature: Please sign here
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4 The addresses that you wish to be entered on the register (
Registered owner 4
ull name in capitals:
First contact address:
Post code:
econd contact address:
Post code:
Third contact address:
ost code:
Signature: Please sign here
5 Signature of applicant named in section 1
I certify that the above information is true
Signature: Date:
Warning: Not completing all sections of this form may result in your application being returned.
Please ensure that section 4 has also been signed by registered owners changing their address on
the register.