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Trinity Bible College
Trinity Bible College
Code of Conduct
At trinity BiBle College, we Are dediCAted to the spirituAl growth And mAturity of our students.
it is our desire thAt students of tBC will Be A Christ-like exAmple to their Communities And to
others with whom they Come in ContACt.
1. Because we are dedicated to our student’s spiritual growth, we have chapel services four days a week, which all students
are required to attend.
2. Because we are dedicated to our students’ physical and mental health, we do not allow addictive or unhealthy behavior
such as smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco, or using any form of mind-altering drugs.
3. Because the Bible states that our bodies are to be given only to our husband or wife to whom we have given a lifelong
commitment, students must abstain from what Trinity denes as sexual misconduct, including sexual violence and abuse,
adultery, homosexual acts, pre-marital sex, pre-marital erotic acts and all forms of pornography.
4. Because gambling destroys the nancial health of those that participate in it, we prohibit it.
5. Because we believe we should show respect for those around us, we prohibit verbal and written profane language (cursing)
at TBC.
6. Because we do not want to cause others to struggle with impure thoughts, we expect that students dress with modesty.
7. Because students of TBC are representatives of the college, we ask that they do not spend time at bars, lounges, or clubs
that would cause others to question their motives or commitment to a Christian lifestyle.
8. Use of discretion at all times: Trinity Bible College expects all students to maintain the same standards of behavior both on
and o campus, including school and semester break periods. Policies and standards of discretion and restraint include but
are not limited to the following: lending of money, cars, clothing, or other personal property; use of posters and pictures to
decorate living quarters; disruptive noise, dress, language, and conduct in Ellendale and surrounding communities.
I have read the entirety of the Trinity Bible College Student Handbook and I agree to follow all of the rules and procedures it covers. I assume
all consequences and responsibility for any behavior that is contrary to the Student Handbook. I understand that I am responsible for my own
conduct as a student of Trinity Bible College.
Signed:_________________________________________________ Date:______________________
Please read the Trinity Bible College Student Handbook prior to signing your agreement to abide by Trinitys Code of Conduct while enrolled
as a student at TBC. The Student Handbook may be found on the www.trinitybiblecollege.edu or you may request a printed version from
the oce of Enrollment Management.
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