Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Dear Nursing Student,
Thank you for your interest in returning to our nursing program. In our attempt to help you
succeed, we are requesting submission of a Letter of Intent to accompany your reinstatement
application. This Letter of Intent should address answers to the following questions, which will
help you and the faculty to evaluate your request.
1. What personal and/or academic factors led to your previous withdrawal/or failure?
2. What changes, personal and/or academic, have occurred that will foster your success
if reinstated?
3. Considering the above mentioned changes, what are your personal and academic goals
for correcting factors that have proven detrimental to your success in prior nursing
The faculty at Coastal Alabama genuinely desire to see you succeed in this program and will go
to great lengths to foster your education. Success, however, ultimately depends on you and your
commitment. Please attach your Letter of Intent to your nursing application and submit to the
appropriate nursing department.
We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to call for further questions at 251 580-
Jean D. Graham, DNP, ANP, CNOR
Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Course(s) to be reinstated: __________________________
Campus attended: Bay Minette ___ Fairhope ___ Brewton ___ Monroeville ___ Thomasville ___
Application Deadline: Due within 48 hours of posting of the last final grade for semester classes in
order to be considered for the following semester. All other reinstatement requests must be received
prior to the last 3 weeks of any one semester.
I. PERSONAL DATA Date: _____________
Last Name: _______________________ First: ____________________ MI: ___ Maiden: ___________
Social Security Number: _______________________________ Student Number: __________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: ___ Zip Code: ___________ Telephone: (___)________________
Home e-mail address: ___________________College e-mail address: ____________________________
Emergency Contact: ___________________________________ Telephone: ( )__________________
The following policies apply to reinstatement requests:
1. All nursing program admission standards at time of reinstatement must be met.
2. Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the current institution for consideration of
3. Students must apply for readmission to the college if not currently enrolled. College readmission
must be accomplished by published deadlines.
4. CPR, TB skin tests, Hep B vaccination, and Flu vaccination must be updated and submitted
with this application.
5. Students who have been out of the nursing program for more than one semester will need to
demonstrate the following competencies as appropriate to the course(s):
a. Pass a comprehensive written exam at 75% within two attempts
b. Demonstrate acceptable skills proficiency for the following within two attempts:
Head to toe assessment
Medication administration by all legal routes for nurses
Vital signs check and interpretation
IV therapy (IV start, IV administration of a medication, identification of complications)
Sterile procedure (dressing change, tracheostomy suction, and/or urinary catheterization)
Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
I understand that completion of this application does not in itself grant reinstatement to the Nursing
Program. A student may be reinstated to the nursing program only one time. Reinstatement will be to the
same program location from which the student was originally enrolled. For example, a student admitted to
Monroeville may be reinstated to Thomasville, but not to Fairhope and vice versa. Reinstatement is not
guaranteed due to limitations in clinical and/or classroom space. All information must be submitted by the
appropriate deadline or the application will be considered incomplete. It is recommended that applicants
check with the Admissions Office, at (251) 580-2111, to confirm ACTIVE STATUS and confirm ALL
TRANSCRIPTS are on file and up to date.
___________________________________ ________________________________
Applicant’s Signature Date
Submit this reinstatement application and letter of intent to the appropriate campus.
Bay Minette: Coastal Alabama Community College
Nursing Department
1900 Hwy 31 South
Bay Minette, AL 36507
(Physical location is the same as the mailing address)
Brewton: Coastal Alabama Community College
Nursing Department
PO Box 958
Brewton, AL 36427
(Physical location is 220 Alco Drive)
Monroeville: Coastal Alabama Community College
Nursing Department
PO Box 2000
Monroeville, AL 36460
(Physical location is 2800 South Alabama Ave)
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