Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Dear Potential Transfer Student,
Thank you for your interest in Coastal Alabama Community College’s Nursing Program. The forms and
checklist to request a transfer are enclosed. The completed packet must be received in the nursing
department no later than 3 weeks before the end of the semester prior to transfer. A team will review
your transfer packet for consideration only after a complete packet is received. Incomplete packets will
not be reviewed. Transfer requests are accepted based on review of packet information and space
Place the checklist on top and send your completed packet to the appropriate campus as listed below:
Bay Minette and Fairhope Campuses Brewton Campus Monroeville and Thomasville
Nursing Department Nursing Department Nursing Department
1900 Hwy 31 South PO Box 958 PO Box 2000
Bay Minette, AL 36507 Brewton, AL 36427 Monroeville, AL 36460
251 580-2257 251 809-1600 251 575-8285
(Physical address is the same) (Physical address is 220 Alco Dr.) (Physical address is 2800 S Alabama Ave)
Please feel free to contact any of the above listed nursing departments for questions or assistance.
Jean D. Graham, MSN, ANP, CNOR
Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Applicant Name____________________________________ Date ___________________
Students requesting a transfer must be accepted as a student at Coastal Alabama Community
College and official transcripts from all previous colleges attended must have been received by the
College registrar. Please confirm that the following items are included in the packet for
___ 1. Nursing Transfer Application with unofficial transcripts from previous nursing program
___ 2. Copy of syllabi for all nursing courses taken outside the two-year college statewide system
including outline of specific content covered in each course
___ 3. Letter from your previous nursing program Dean/Director of Nursing indicating that you remain
in good standing and are eligible to continue in the program.
___ 4. Copy of ACT score. A minimum composite score of 18 is required. ONLY the following are
accepted for ACT score (Screen shots of ACT scores are not acceptable):
a. Print off from national website
b. Copy of official or unofficial high school transcript with documented ACT results
c. Copy of the ACT score report from Coastal Alabama Community College, or other Alabama
Community College if residual was taken at another Alabama two-year college.
Students who are accepted for transfer into the Coastal Alabama Community College nursing program
will be required to demonstrate the following competencies as appropriate to the course(s):
a. Pass a comprehensive written exam at 75% within two attempts
b. Demonstrate acceptable skills proficiency for the following within two attempts:
Head to toe assessment
Medication administration by all legal routes for nurses
Vital signs check and interpretation
IV therapy (IV start, IV administration of a medication, identification of complications)
Sterile procedure (dressing change, tracheostomy suction, and/or urinary catheterization)
Also, students transferring into the program will be required to submit current immunizations, a history &
physical, CPR by the American Heart Association, a background check, and urine drug screen after
admittance to the program. More information is provided upon admittance.
Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Transfer Policy
The transfer policy applies to students desiring to transfer between ACCS institutions. The Coastal
Alabama nursing program follows the same criteria for requests outside ACCS institutions. Students
complete the nursing program at the campus for which the student was admitted. No transfer is allowed
between campuses except in extenuating circumstances, i.e. a student who begins the program at
Monroeville may not transfer to Bay Minette after completion of the first semester. Criteria for transfer
are as follows:
1. Must meet minimum admission standards for the nursing program.
2. Must possess a grade of C or better in all nursing program required courses taken at another
institution and possess a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA at time of transfer.
3. Must provide a letter of eligibility for progression from the Dean/Director of previous nursing
4. Must comply with all program policy requirements at accepting institution.
5. Must complete at least 25% of the nursing program required courses for degree/certificate at the
accepting institution.
6. Must meet acceptability criteria for placement at clinical agencies for clinical experience.
7. The last nursing course in which a student was enrolled cannot be more than 12 months old.
8. Acceptance of transfer students into nursing programs is limited by the number of faculty and
clinical facilities available. Meeting minimal standards does not guarantee acceptance.
9. Student selection for transfer is based on GPA in nursing program required courses.
Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Application Deadline: Transfer applications must be received before the last three weeks of the semester prior
to the requested transfer semester.
I. PERSONAL DATA Date: _____________
Last Name: _______________________ First: ____________________ MI: ___ Maiden: ___________
Social Security Number: _______________________________ Student Number: __________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: ___ Zip Code: ___________ Telephone: (___)________________
Home e-mail address: _________________________ College e-mail address: ______________________
Emergency Contact: ___________________________________ Telephone: ( )__________________
List all colleges attended including current college. (Add separate page as necessary)
Name of College (DO NOT ABBREVIATE)
Year(s) attended
Degree (if completed)
A letter from the program Dean/Director of the nursing program from which you wish to transfer must be
sent to the appropriate nursing department. The letter must document that you have not been dismissed
for disciplinary or unsafe practice and are eligible to continue in the program.
limitation). Your name, as listed when tested: ______________________________________
I understand that completion of this application is a component of the student profile and does not in itself
grant transfer to the Nursing Program. I certify that the information given in this application is true and
correct. I understand that providing false information may be deemed sufficient reason to dismiss the
student and/or to refuse transfer. All application materials become the property of Coastal Alabama
Community College. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the Nursing Department has
received all of the requested documentation.
All information must be submitted by the appropriate deadline or the application will be considered
incomplete. It is recommended that applicants check with the Admissions Office, at (251) 580-2111, to
confirm ACTIVE STATUS and confirm ALL TRANSCRIPTS are on file and up to date.
___________________________________ ________________________________
Applicant’s Signature Date
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Coastal Alabama Community College March 2020
Submit this transfer application to the appropriate campus.
Bay Minette and Fairhope Campuses: Coastal Alabama Community College
Nursing Department
1900 Hwy 31 South
Bay Minette, AL 36507
251 580-2257
(Physical address is the same)
Brewton Campus: Coastal Alabama Community College
Nursing Department
PO Box 958
Brewton, AL 36427
251 809-1600
(Physical address is 220 Alco Dr.)
Monroeville and Thomasville Campuses: Coastal Alabama Community College
Nursing Department
PO Box 2000
Monroeville, AL 36460
251 575-8285
(Physical address is 2800 South Alabama Ave)