Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R) 2020/2021
Coalition Partner Agreement
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Last updated: 6/16/2020
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Thank you for agreeing to be a coalition partner. Partners are defined as support organizations committed to
collaborating in a coordinated fashion in order to achieve the goals of:
Identifying gaps between high school and first-year college skills and career readiness
Improving college readiness and reducing the number of high school students in the tri-County area
that require developmental coursework
Increasing academic success for P20 students in the tri-county area
Creating best practices that can be adapted with fidelity and used across the tri-county area resulting
in college and career readiness
1. Support the C3R goals
2. Attend summits
3. Participate on one of the Action Teams.
4. Be an advocate for C3R, promote it in ways appropriate to your profession and contacts
5. Support the team of educational professionals who serve students, P20 constituencies, business and
industry and the community
New Member Partnership Renewal
Math Action Team Student Transition Action Team Data Action Team
Designee’s Name _________________________________________________ is the person identified to
Represent (Organizations Name) _________________________________________________________
Title of Designee_______________________________________________________________________
Designee Signature___________________________________________________ Date _____________
Organization: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________ City: _______________ State: _____
Phone: _______________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________
Supervisor of Designee’s Signature________________________________________ Date _____________
Title of Supervisor________________________________________________________________________
C3R provides information and resources for education professionals who serve students from birth through the
workforce. This initiative brings together P20 constituencies, business and industry, and the community to address
the preparedness of tri-county area students for college and the workforce
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Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R) 2020/2021
Coalition Partner Agreement
Passport to Success: Coalition for College and Career Readiness
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This addendum is attached to serve as a continuing notice of Lansing Community College nondiscrimination
policy for Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, and Title II. This addendum shall become effective as of January 17,
Nondiscrimination Statement:
Lansing Community College is an equal opportunity educational institution/employer. Lansing Community
College programs and activities are open for all persons regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national
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