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Co-op Work Term Confidential Technical Memo Grade Form
Student Instructions
Please fill out top portion of the form and have your supervisor complete the grading rubric and sign the bottom of the form. Submit
both the signed release and confidential grade form to Canvas by the assignment deadline indicated in the work term checklist.
Student Name: _____________________________________ Date: _______________________________
Student Number: _____________________________________
Work Term Period: Year: _________________
Jan – Apr
May – Aug
Sept Dec
Company Na
me: _________________________________________________________________________________
Supervisor Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Title of Assignment: _________________________________________________________________________________
Supervisor Instructions
Please grade the student’s technical memo assignment using the grading rubric shown below and return the completed form to the
student. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the form to the co-op program.
Literary Quality
Tone / Style /10
Grammar / Spelling
Technical Quality
Suitability of Topic
Analytical Content
Body of Memo
Excellent: 80 100
Good: 65 79
Satisfactory: 50 64
Unsatisfactory: 0 49
Background Information
Data / Evidence
Valuable Explanation of Results /15
Actions / Recommendations
Supervisor Name:
Phone Number:
Supervisor Signature:
Memo Grade
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