Club Application 2019-20
Please fill out this application completely.
If not, it will be returned to the listed club advisor via inter-office mail and the club may miss important deadlines that
can result in limited access to club funds for the entire quarter.
Application Deadlines:
October 16, 2019 (fall quarter)
January 22, 2020 (final deadline for the 2019-20 academic year)
How to Start a Club:
Find nine, currently registered CBC students to sign up to be part of your club.
2. Find a club advisor; must be a CBC staff or faculty member (student workers and hourly employees, not eligible).
3. Read and understand Columbia Basin College’s club handbook
4. Have initial planning meeting(s)* &
Fill out the club application as a club.
* It is highly recommended that each club have at least one planning meeting before filling out this application. Clubs
that talk through their officer responsibilities, regular meeting schedules, structure, goals, and purpose prior to
chartering have a much higher rate of long term success. If you need assistance identifying a meeting space for an initial
planning meeting, please contact clubs@columbiabasin.edu
or 509-542-4828.
Club Structure
Clubs are required to maintain the purpose and operational structure outlined in this application. If the club moves too
far from its original proposed structure or purpose, club funding or event approval may be denied or delayed.
Name of Club
(This will be the official name of the club for the whole academic year. Once this application is submitted, the
name cannot change.)
Club’s Purpose
The purpose your club lists will determine how your club will be allowed to spend its
funding. A college
approved version will also be used on the College’s website to describe the club for perspective members. Please be
thoughtful in your answer. For example… If your purpose is “to promote academic
success in chemistry by
coordinating chemistry study groups, providing tutoring sessions to struggling students, and coordinating entertainment
events to promote that science is fun,” these will be the items or areas in which you can spend your club funds. This may
also determine whether a new student wants to join your club.
What events, service projects, fundraisers, or travel do you anticipate doing this year?
Don’t worry. We are not holding you to these. We are just looking for your initial brainstorm.
Who is your Club President?
Club President Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Who is your Club Advisor(s)?
Only one advisor is required, but clubs can have up to two.
Advisor 1 Name:
CBC Phone Number & Mailstop: ________________________________________________________________
CBC Email Address:
Cell Phone Number (if applicable & willing): ____________________________________________________
Advisor 2 Name:
CBC Phone Number & Mailstop: _______________________________________________________________
CBC Email Address:
Cell Phone Number (if applicable & willing): ______________________________________________________
Reserving Club Meeting Space & Meeting Requirements
Clubs must meet at least twice a month starting in November (if chartering in fall quarter) or February (if chartering in
winter quarter). In months with extended breaks (December, March, and June), the club can reduce their meetings to
once per month if needed. Minutes and attendance must be taken at all club meetings.
Your club advisor will need to fill out the 25live reservation for your meeting space. It can be found at
. It does require Sign-In using a CBC username and password. A 25Live
reservation must be filled out prior to submitting this application for your regular club meetings.
If you change your club meeting time or location, please contact clubs@columbiabasin.edu
ASCBC is not automatically notified if you change your 25live reservation. We rely on your club to let us know.
Please give the date the 25live reservation was submitted for your meetings: ________________ (mm/dd/yy)
Club Officers
President, Recording Officer, and Treasurer
Certain officer positions (President, Recording Officer, & Treasurer) or their equivalent -- are required
by ASCBC. The club president’s contact information must be included on this application. Traditionally,
the club president is elected by the club members during the previous academic year or during the initial
planning meeting prior to this application being submitted.
The recording officer is responsible for taking club minutes and attendance at every meeting and
providing them to the ASCBC Office, the club members, and the club advisor. The treasurer works closely
with the ASCBC Office and their club advisor to keep a running record of expenses and income on behalf
of the club. The recording officer and the treasurer can be appointed or elected by the club membership.
Club Council Representatives
Two student members will serve as the club council representatives. These two representatives will work as a
partnership to ensure club council meetings are attended and information is collected & dispersed to the club. These
club council representatives can play a dual role in the club such as President, Recording Officer, or Treasurer. It is
required that one of these representatives attends monthly Club Council meetings, preferably both representatives. If
the club does not have at least one of these two representatives in attendance, the club’s funds will be frozen until the
next meeting where attendance can be re-established. The club will also forfeit any club vote on items in which they
missed informative content.
Responsibilities of Club Council Representatives:
Attend all club council meetings & mandatory trainings as set forth by ASCBC
Will work in partnership with the other club council representative in their club to make sure meetings are
covered and all content is flowing back to the club.
Vote on behalf of the club when necessary, working as a partnership to cast one consistent vote.
Because the club is still forming, we are not asking you to name all of your officers on this application. You will submit
an eForm by November 1 with this information. Your club president and advisor will receive more correspondence
about this requirement.
Club Council Meetings
There will be an initial club council meeting on Tuesday, October 222. Your club president or advisor can represent the
club at this first meeting (if the club has not selected club council representatives yet). There are two time choices for
the meeting on October 222, 12:45 or 3:45 p.m. These meetings are held in the HUB Congress Room.
If you are chartering in winter quarter, please contact clubs@columbiabasin.edu
to inquire about the date and time of
your initial club council meeting in January.
Club Member List
At least nine (9) currently registered student names are required for club charter. However, if your club
roster exceeds
nine members, please submit a complete roster with all members listed. ASCBC needs only the club member’s name
and SID. However, the club should keep a separate list with name, SID, and contact information for their records.
Please do not use this list to solicit membership. You will need their contact information to stay in touch with your
Please make sure names (first and last name no nicknames) and SID numbers are recorded below.
Name SID
Please attach an additional list of club members if needed.
Club Training
The Club President, Club Council Representatives, and Advisor(s) will have required training by ASCBC. This training will
be discussed at the initial club council meeting and correspondence will go out via email.
ADA Accommodations
ASCBC is committed to accessibility. If there is a student in your club who needs special accommodations
during club meetings, club council meetings, at events, or for training. Please have that student request
accommodations from the CBC Resource Center. The Resource Center and the Club Advisor will work
together to appropriately accommodate the student’s needs.
CBC Staff Club Advisor Agreement
Advisors should review this agree
ment and email clubs@columbiabasin.edu with any questions.
As the staff club advisor, I understand that I am expected to:
1. Understand the nature, objectives, and purpose of the club.
2. Attend club business meetings/activities and ensure minutes are taken at those meetings.
3. Foster teamwork within the club and help students develop leadership skills.
4. Work with the CBC Resource Center if a club member needs special accommodations in order to participate in
the club or its activities.
5. Be knowledgeable about and adhere to CBC & ASCBC policies, forms, procedures, travel requirements, and
purchasing processes.
6. Work with the club officers to ensure accurate recordkeeping and bookkeeping, including signing off on all
club business/events/activities through e-forms.
7. Support student club members as they actively recruit new club members.
8. Accompany members on all club-related outings, practices, events, and activities. (If unable to attend,
designate a substitute CBC staff member to act as the club advisor and representative of CBC.)
9. Be aware of safety issues and take steps to minimize the chance of injury. This includes getting a food worker card if
the club wants to serve food items that are temperature controlled or not individually pre-packaged.
10. Support and enforce responsible student behavior. In relationship to club events and travel, this includes
but is
not limited to:
zero consumption of alcohol and non-prescription drugs (by students, staff, or volunteers) while traveling
with club members or at club sponsored events
rowdiness that damages property or causes discomfort to others
theft of property (hotel towels, bath robes, batteries, etc.)
11. Refrain from intimate or romantic involvement with students.
12. Promote a club environment that is free of harassment and discrimination.
13. Respond to all club emails, phone calls, and/or correspondence in a timely manner.
14. Recognize all club spending, solicitation of donations, and travel must be approved by ASCBC. This
includes local travel within the Tri-Cities.
Club Application Agreements
Club President Review and Signature
I have completed this application with the help of the other club members. I have reviewed this application with
the CBC
club advisor(s). I agree to uphold the purpose of my club and follow the counsel/rules set forth by the
ASCBC office, my
club advisor, and Columbia Basin College.
Student Signature & Date Printed name & SID
CBC Staff Advisor(s) Review and Signature
I agree to serve as an advisor, assist club leaders in achieving agreed-upon objectives of the club, and adhere to all
federal, state, institutional, and ASCBC regulations regarding this club.
I have revi
ewed this application. I understand what I have read and can support the purpose of the club. I also
understand and will adhere to the CBC Staff Club Advisor Agreement (included in this application).
Club Advisor(s) Signature & Date Printed Name
Club Advisor(s) Signature & Date Printed Name
Dean or Supervisor(s) Review and Signature
I have reviewed this club application and discussed these responsibilities with this CBC staff/faculty
member (who
will serve as the club advisor). I approve the club advisor status of the above CBC employee, and I support his/her
involvement in supervising this club.
Dean/Supervisor(s) Signature & Date Printed Name(s)
Dean/Supervisor(s) Signature & Date Printed Name(s)
Application Processing and Completion
Once yo
ur application is submitted, please allow at least five business days to process it. If there is anything missing
from your application, it will be returned to your club advisor via inter-office mail with further instructions.
Once your application is approved, your club president and advisor will receive an approval email. This email will include
additional instructions or reminders.
Please con
tact clubs@columbiabasin.edu
with questions about this application or its processing.
Sent link of Club Handbook to Advisor’s Supervisor