Clinical Educator Demographic Data Sheet
To be completed by the clinical educator
1. Name (4 letters): (please use initial of first name and first 3 letters of last name) e.g.
Kelly Stanley is ksta ___________
2. Facility Name: ________________________
3. Type of facility (please check all relevant boxes)
Hospital (public)
Hospital (private)
Community based service
Private practice
Non government organisation
Other: ______________________
4. Gender: Female Male
5. Age last birthday ________ (years)
6. Number of years in Clinical Practice ________ years
7. How long have you been involved in the clinical education of physiotherapy students?
8. How would you rate your level of experience as a clinical educator? Please circle
No previous experience Very experienced
2 5 1 4 3
9. Have you participated in a clinical educator’s workshop of other training on
Yes No
If Yes, please advise year: _________
Please note that the data collected is for University purposes only to support ongoing accreditation
and quality assurance and personal information will not be released to any outside party.
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