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Please deliver the agreement to the Lake County Courthouse, 550 W. Main St., Tavares, FL 32778, or
email it to Upon execution of this agreement, a username
and password will be emailed to each individual subscriber.
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1. This agreement is for viewing electronic court records as authorized by Administrative Order of the
Florida Supreme Court as:
A Registered User (not a Party to the Case and not an Attorney of record).
A Party to a Case (includes Registered User viewing).**
An Officer, Owner, or Employee of a business entity named as a party with authority to view such
court records (includes Registered User Viewing).**
An Attorney of Record (includes Registered User Viewing)**
**Notarization of signature required below.
2. Registered User affirms the contact and other information on the Request Form above is correct.
3. Clerk Responsibilities
a. Clerk will endeavor to provide uninterrupted access to the site, which may be interrupted for
maintenance, network or power failures, or security issues.
b. Clerk will notify Registered User of a unique login ID and password, with directions on how
to change the password and a unique PIN or Party ID number, if applicable. Contact (352)
630-5050, or email, for help with the site.
c. Clerk will maintain and modify the site as required by the Florida Supreme Court.
4. Registered User Responsibilities
a. To ensure that only Registered User has knowledge of the assigned login ID and password and
unique PIN or Party ID number, if applicable.
b. To prohibit any person or entity other than Registered User from accessing the site.
c. To immediately notify Clerk if Registered User discovers that the assigned password is known
by another person, whether used or not, so the existing login ID may be deactivated and
replacement login information issued.
d. To provide updated contact information or, for parties, updated case information by submitting
a new Request Form, which, when submitted, is incorporated by reference in this agreement.
e. To understand that paper or electronic documents may not be immediately available online
after they are filed with Clerk.
f. To not use or permit others to use the information obtained from this site for commercial or
resale purposes and that all activity on this site will be tracked and monitored by Clerk to
enforce this provision.
g. To provide computer hardware and software and/or making modifications to existing
equipment for access to the site.
5. Limitations of Liability
a. Registered User releases Clerk and Clerk’s employees and agents from any liability and any
damages resulting from or related to (a) interrupted service of any kind; (b) Registered User’s
equipment; (c) use of, or viewing of, electronic court records.
b. Nothing in this Agreement may be construed as waiving the sovereign immunity of the Clerk
or the Clerk’s employees and agents or of the Registered User’s sovereign immunity, if
applicable, or modifying the recovery limits against the Clerk or Registered User as set forth
in section 768.28(5), Florida Statutes.
6. This agreement, regardless of where actually accepted or delivered, is deemed to have been accepted
and delivered by the parties in the State of Florida and any dispute arising from it will be governed by
Florida law. Any suit for any claim, breach, or dispute arising out of this agreement will be
maintained in Lake County, Florida.
7. Any notice or communication given or sent pursuant to this agreement may be delivered in person, by
mail, or by email to the address provided on the Party Request Form.
8. Termination and Other Remedies
a. If Registered User breaches the provisions in this agreement, the Clerk has the right to
terminate this agreement immediately and pursue any other remedy available at law or in
b. This agreement will be terminated immediately if funding is withdrawn for any reason.
Registered User acknowledges that the Clerk has no control over appropriations that may be
provided by any governmental entity for the continuation of the services under this
9. If any part of this agreement is found to be invalid, then it will have no effect, but the remaining
provisions will continue in full force and effect.
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Sworn to or affirmed and subscribed before me by means of physical presence or online notarization
this day of , 20 , by .
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